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  1. PathfinderNC

    Powder Horn #24

    I just finished this nice Lobed Powder Horn, which has been purchased. It measures 10.5" and is a Left carry.
  2. PathfinderNC

    A fine day on the mountain

    Had a grand day hunting and hiking Skull Camp Mountain, (with the blessings of the owner) which my property borders. I got to the tree stand just after sun-up. I spooked two nice does who were already there ahead of me. Oh well. Figuring it might be an hour before any other white tails come...
  3. PathfinderNC

    A new Powder Horn (#23)

    I finished this horn up today (#23) and had intended to sell it, but when I was pounding in the tail staple I cracked the wooden plug! (The staple prongs were too fat, just as I thought!) It was an easy repair but I won't sell it now. It looks nice on my shooting pouch though :)
  4. PathfinderNC

    Yadkin Valley Long Rifles

    Hey all, I just learned of the Yadkin Valley Long Rifles and wondering if they still meet on the third Saturday of each month ( except January) . I am less than 40 miles away and would love to stop by for a visit. Hoping some YVLR members are also on this forum. Thanks, Bob
  5. PathfinderNC

    Jaeger Rifle Kits?

    As I was in my tree stand this afternoon/evening, with the very long Kibler colonial 54 at hand, I was wondering about a shorter, Jaeger type rifle for such purposes. Has anyone here built a Jaeger flintlock from a kit or assemblage of component parts? (I do not have the capacity to carve a...
  6. PathfinderNC

    SOLD Scottish Murdoch Pistol

    I am offering this Scottish Murdoch pistol for sale, asking $325 includes shipping. I purchased it 30+ years ago from Dixie Gun Works and have fired it a bunch of times. Smoothbore 50 cal. The lock sparks really well. Of note: the lock just started catching at half-cock when the trigger is...
  7. PathfinderNC

    Old Flintlock Pistol Mystery

    Hi folks, I would love to learn anything about this .62 cal (approx) flintlock pistol. It appears to be an original, antique piece from the 18th century. Stock: It is stocked in Walnut (I believe) and in fine shape except for a crack at the lock nail above the plate. It is in remarkable...
  8. PathfinderNC

    Pecatonica 'Dueling Pistol' target practice

    It was a beautiful Autumn day here and I decided to shoot my Pecatonica "Dueling Pistol" for a while out on the side yard. (I think it still needs a little sight adjustment to the left) It is a .45 caliber with 9" GM barrel. The lock is a small Siler. The trigger pull is very light. It seems to...
  9. PathfinderNC

    SOLD One of my personal Powder Horns

    I am offering for sale one of my personal Powder Horns. I have been using it with my Fusil de Chasse hunting bag for a while now. I think it has wonderful character, color and design. Since I recently bought a new horn from a member here -which I decided was gonna be my new Fusil horn- I am...
  10. PathfinderNC

    Prepping for Squirrel Season

    Squirrel Season opens up down here on October 17th, and I want to start working on a good load with my Fusil de Chasse. It was a beautiful Autumn day and I got away from my work bench to do some fun shooting. I set my target at 25 yards which I guess would be a moderate distance. I started off...
  11. PathfinderNC

    SOLD "Liberty & Freedom" Powder Horn

    I am offering for sale my newly finished Powder Horn build (marked #22). This "Liberty and Freedom" horn measures (outside curve) just over 11" from tip to base. The Poplar base plug is pegged in and measures 2.5" wide x 2" high. It has a formed metal tail staple for the strap. The plug is...
  12. PathfinderNC

    My Three Pistols of 2022

    The top is the "Model 1733 French Dragoon". Kit build from Muzzleloader Builders Supply. Middle is the "Sparrow" kit, also from MBS. Bottom is combination of Pecatonica and MBS parts. The horn is an early 2022 (by me). I need wall space (and the wife's permission 😔
  13. PathfinderNC

    Flintlock Pistol completed

    I have just finished building this flintlock pistol today. Siler lock, GM barrel, Pecatonica stock and various parts from MBS. I found a small surface stress crack (or maybe I over-wet it raising the grain?) on the side panel after dying the wood. I was so upset. Nothing takes the wind out of...
  14. PathfinderNC

    Sparrow Flintlock Pistol Done

    It's done. I varnished the pistol after allowing the oil-rub to dry. I may wax the stock also in several weeks time. It's been a great experience making this Flintlock pistol. There were some challenges as always, but the build went by pretty smoothly. The butt cap inlet was painstaking but it...
  15. PathfinderNC

    Sparrow Pistol- a challenge awaits

    The "Sparrow" pistol kit from MBS arrived today. Everything looks good and like a straight-forwards kit build... Except for one little thing.. the Butt Cap! I am imagining how I will go about installing this diabolically grinning butt-head. I know in-letting it will be painstaking and that's ok...
  16. PathfinderNC


    Deleted duplicate thread
  17. PathfinderNC

    Another SCAM warning

    This thing called “Cowen” just joined the Forum yesterday and is already at it with the same scam approach as many others. He emailed me about his friend looking to sell what I had been looking for. Somehow my reply was censored but you can get the flavor of it. Be wary!
  18. PathfinderNC

    SOLD Map Horn of Savannah

    Hi friends, I just completed this powder horn (#21) which features a map of the Savannah River. (I got the idea after reading about the failed American siege on 1779). I like how this horn finished out; the colors are nice and warm and it has an old-classical look to it. The horn wears best on...
  19. PathfinderNC

    SOLD Engraved Map Powder Horn (#20)

    Hi all, I just completed this fine looking map Powder Horn yesterday (#20) and am offering it for sale. It is a medium size, measuring a bit over 10" long by 2" x 2.5" wide. A rosette design is seen in the borders and the base plug. The spout is fluted and the base pin is a shaped steel nail...
  20. PathfinderNC

    WANTED Small .50 cal Left-Hand Caplock Rifle

    Hi Guys/Gals, I / we are looking for an inexpensive Left-hand, .50 cal percussion rifle which will be used in our Black Powder teaching program that we do with the Boy Scouts at Camp Raven Knob (in Surry County, NC ). Priced under $300. We have had several youth who are left handed in the...