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  1. Packrat

    FOR SALE 1861 Navy .36 Cal.

    Replica Arms, El Paso Texas, Older company now out of business When I got this was told it was 60 Army. (NOT) Believe to be made by Uberti, all finish 95 -100% Not a lot of Lawyer marks Trigger pull about 2 pounds $350.00 Shipping included Thanks for looking
  2. Packrat

    Help!, I'm stuck

    I have a Armi Sport 1874 Percussion Sharps Rifle. So far only managed to fire one shot. The sliding sleeve is causing me problems. Previously I had a Pedersoli Military 1859 rifle, bought over 20 years ago. I always used paper cartridges and never had any problems. This time I thought I would...
  3. Packrat

    Need some help

    Recently I acquired a 20 Ga SxS, Percussion There are no makers marking or proof mark that I can find. Under the forearm there are two sets of marks, one is at the breech marking both the Bbl and the Breech block, the other is on both Bbl's with the Letters CK, I don't think this stands for...
  4. Packrat


    Are any members going to AZWINS in Phoenix at Ben Avery shooting range?
  5. Packrat

    Reaction Score

    What is the reaction score, and how is it calculated ?
  6. Packrat

    Bullet Mold

    Has anyone familiar with MOOSESMOULDS?, I have called a couple time and sent email, no reply. Maybe out of town or what looking for a mold for a repo Sharps 54 Black Powder Thanks, Packrat
  7. Packrat

    Lubricant hole?

    Over the years I have seen rifles with a hole in the stock. Never gave it much thought as I figured it was for some type of lubricant. Now I'm curious, what type of lubricant's, if that is what it's for, was used. Something that would not run out during hot weather, bee's wax and bear grease...
  8. Packrat

    WANTED Bullitt mold needed

    I am looking for a Lee modl for the 54 caliber Sharp's reproduction's rifles. I believe it's calld a ringtail Bullitt, it can be tied to the paper cartridge
  9. Packrat

    WANTED .680 RB Mould actually a 675 would be better

    Looking for round ball mould for 69 caliber (.680 dia.)
  10. Packrat

    WITHDRAWN 1861 Navy

    This is a older Uberti ? 1861 Navy. After internet search I decided my asking price was to high. $325.00 and $25.00 shipping Sold through El Passo Replica Firearms, seems to be out of business. Frame marked XIX, Excellent condition, all blueing 100% Feel free to ask questions
  11. Packrat


    1812 Leather Shako, C&D Jarnigan $175.00 and $20.00 Shipping Great condition, little dusty Artillery Cockade
  12. Packrat

    FOR SALE Withdrawn

    1861 Navy Revolver, 36 caliber, 4 Screw Very light trigger El Passo Replicas $400.00 and $25.00 shipping
  13. Packrat

    SOLD Coehorn Motar, SOLD pending funds

    Cohorn Motar, 1.75 Bore, mold for projectiles, one ball, and fuse cord $400.00 and $50.00 shipping
  14. Packrat

    ROA Nipples

    I have a Ruger Old Army, made , I believe in 1978, it calls for#10 percussion caps. Does anyone make #11 caps for this revolver
  15. Packrat

    Uberti 61 Navy

    Recently I aquired two Uberti 61 Navy revolvers. I am asking information from our members The first is marked on the top of the barell, Original Hege Uberti, this I have found out is the German importer of revolvers. the second is market on the side, Texas reproductions any info will be...
  16. Packrat

    1861 Navy

    Recently I acquired two 1861 Navy revolvers. The first is marked Original HEGE Uberti on the top. the other is market Replica Arms, El Paso Any information o these would be appreciated
  17. Packrat


    Looking for decent priced Ruger Old Army