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  1. J

    DGW Pedersoli 2 Band Naval Rifle

    Holy smokes! I’ve had this rifle on pre-order for a long time and today I got an email that it has shipped!!! I pre ordered this about a year ago so it’s a very pleasant surprise. Hopefully DGW is getting more stock from Italy.
  2. J

    Who's Selling/Trading Pedersoli 1861s or 2 Band Enfields?

    For crying out loud! I can't seem to find either one of these rifles for sale. Would love to trade a fine unmentionable buffalo rifle or just right out buy one. I've looked online without luck. Have they all dried up? Has covid or shipping problems really hit our hobby this bad?
  3. J

    Snake Time/ Danger

    I wasn’t trekking but even a walk down a gravel road (Snake Road to be exact) could be hazardous to your health. Be careful out in the woods! Took this video yesterday.
  4. J

    GPR Hardware Color Case Hardening Service?

    I built a GPR .54 percussion for my step-dad years ago. He never shot it and today I got it back. I had browned all the hardware because it was the thing to do back then but now I want the parts case hardened like my Pedersoli Rocky Mountain rifle had. Any solid suggestions on who I should send...
  5. J

    SlixShot Uberti 1860 Army

    Just received my new SlixShot cones for my Uberti 1860 Army. Here’s some pics for pure fun. I’ll report on their effectiveness when I get a chance to shoot. I must say with the Goons’s Gun Works modifications and these new nipples I feel like I have a first rate top notch cap and ball revolver...
  6. J

    TRADE Pedersoli Rocky Mountain for Pedersoli 2 Band Enfield

    I have more interest in Civil War. Already had an Armi Sport Springfield, meh. My Rocky Mountain rifle .54 is beautiful and in awesome shape. I bought it second hand and fired it once. It has a handling scratch or two but what doesn’t. Hate to see her sit in the dark safe all the time. I really...
  7. J

    Smoked Chicken Today

    Nothing special to most but I smoked some legs and thighs on my pellet smoker today. 265 degrees for 2 1/2 hours. No sauce or fancy seasonings. Just smoke. The smell of the smoke and flavor of the chicken and skin was wonderful. Smelled like a rendezvous in my backyard!
  8. J

    Another Goonerized 1860 Army

    Hooray! I just received my Uberti full fluted 1860 Army back from Goons Gun Works and I’m very impressed so far. Okay, I haven’t shot it yet but the visible work looks beautiful and it’s smooth as butter and it sounds solid as bank vault tumblers. The debris shield and cap post look perfect and...
  9. J

    Another Combustible Cartridge Thread

    While patiently waiting to get my 1860 Army back from Goons I decided to try my hand at making some Civil War cartridges for it. So I ordered a cartridge kit and a sweet mold (.44 Johnston &Dow) from Eras Gone. Here’s my first few cartridges. These are very fun to make and look pretty neat. I’ve...
  10. J

    Gotta Git a Kibler!

    Okay. I didn’t make my TOTW Jaeger into a showpiece but I’m going to make up for it with a Kibler .54 Colonial kit. I’ve been out of the loop for several years but after getting back onto this forum I dragged out all my period clothing, accouterments and my Jaeger flintlock rifle. I never felt...
  11. J

    My Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Rifle

    I like this better than my GPRs. Beautiful wood, fit and finish.
  12. J

    Jaegermeister Photos

    These photos are a few years old.
  13. J

    If you're interested

    It's been so long my old photobucket pics are gone but if you care to, do a forum search for "Jaegermeister" and you'll see a few photos of my jaeger, gear and clothing. I'll have to take some newer photos sometime and add them to my new photobucket account. Sorry for the inconvenience. You...
  14. J

    Brass furniture/Patina or Shiny ?

    Maybe a silly question but my jaeger has about 5 years of patina on the brass furniture(R.E. Davis). Do ya'll think that historically the brass was left to age or do you think folks liked to keep their prized firearms shined up? I play with the idea of this jaeger being carried by a militia man...
  15. J

    I'm Back

    I was active on here a couple of years ago known as Jaegermeister and now I'm back. I'm from Cape Girardeau, MO and I shoot a .61 jaeger I built from a TOTW kit with help from you fine folks. I also shoot a '59 Sharps infantry rifle by Pedersoli and a .36 Navy and .44 Army, both by Uberti. I...