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    FOR SALE Early Flintlock .50 TC Hawken

    Reduced This is a really nice pre-warning TC flintlock Hawken in .50. It has minimal scratches and dings to be expected. Rifle likely saw little use. The bore in the 29" 1:48 barrel is bright and shiny with no pitting. Lock sparks nice. $575 + Shipping.
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    SOLD Nice Antique. 32 Longrifle

    Reduced Really nice antique .32 longrifle. Has a 37" barrel with a very good bore (it was heavily greased with a patch in breech). Lock is very strong and has a relatively modern nipple, indicating use well past its construction Era. The double set triggers require setting to cock.The Tiger...
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    FOR SALE NICE Custom Flintlock .390 Smooth Rifle

    Reduced This is a sweet and whispy flintlock Southern Mountain Rifle with a .390 smooth bore. It has a browned 44" straight taper barrel. There is a silver insert between the barrel and breech plug. Bore is like a mirror. Lock is a Siler stamped RH681 on back. Richard Herring was a well known...
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    Thoughts On Smooth Rifles

    Any small bore smooth rifle shooters out there? Looking for real life experiences. Pros and cons. Thanks.
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    SOLD EIG (Japan) .69 Tower Pistol

    This .69 flintlock Tower pistol is marked EIG JAPAN. I believe these were made by Miroku. Overall, very good condition. Some scratches to browned barrel. The bore us bright and gun likely unfired. $175 + Shipping.
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    Tang Screw for Parker Hale 1858 Enfield

    Where can I get a tang screw for a PH 1858 Enfield? Or get info on threads and dia.Dia.? Thanks.
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    SOLD Reduced .45 Plains Rifle CHEAP

    I have been working to rehabilitate - within my meager skills - this.45 plains style rifle with 35" GR Douglas barrel marked MADE FOR GOLDEN AGE ARMS. Bore is shiny and lands seem to have some vestiges of maching marks. Grooves are clean. Has no hook breech. Breech plug tang stamped MADE IN...
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    Holy Grail Flintlock Pistols

    I snagged this cased set of .45 Leonard Day flintlock swivel pistols in an auction yesterday. It is my understanding that Day only made two sets like this at most. Wasn't looking for them. I was waiting for a watched lot to come up and then saw these in the queue. Just dumb luck and an iron...
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    WITHDRAWN BEAUTIFUL Custom. 50 Longrifle

    Black Friday (weekend) Sale. Goes back up Mobday.To quote Buck Taylor's character in Tombstone, "I ain't got the words." This rifle is stunningly beautiful. So I will let photos tell the tale. It has a 42" full octagon barrel with blade front sight and adjustable rear sight. Has a brass name...
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    WITHDRAWN Impressive 12 Bore Belgian Made Flintlock Trade Musket

    Correction: Proofs are Birmingham. I was going off the G/L logo. So British barrel and Belgian lock and stock?This is an impressively long 12 Bore Belgian Flintlock Trade Musket. It has a 52" barrel and overall length of 69". It has English proofs on barrel. The lock has the bumble bee G/L...
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    SOLD .45 Flintlock Pistol

    Reduced Unknown maker .45 flintlock pistol. Barrel is 6 1/8". Bore is bright with visible machine marks. Some speckling on front of barrel. Stock in good shape. Sparks well. $130+ Shipping (about $21 USPS Med Flat Rate box, insured).
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    SOLD .45 Spanish Flintlock Rifle

    Probably made by Ardesa, Spain. Same as newer guns branded CVA or Traditions. Either from kit or customized. The 33.5" barrel has been browned, has been crowned and has an excellent bore. Stock shows much wear, but no cracks. Has a clever diamond shaped inlay, partially hiding seam of two part...
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    SOLD Nice Investarm GALLYON Single Barrel 12 Gauge

    These GALLYONs are really nice modern fowlers from the folks at Investarm, makers of Lyman Great Plains Rifles. Gun is lightly used, but not abused. The 32" barrel has a bright shiny bore with some minor lead streaking. Scroll engraving at breech. The European Walnut stock has checkered wrist...
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    SOLD Stunning Custom .50 Hawken

    This is a really stunning .50 Hawken built by well known California builder Robert D Reeves (deceased). It has a heavy browned 32"x1.075" W.M.(Bill) LARGE marked barrel. The top of barrel has Robert D Reeves No. 48 1972 engraved on it. Underside has what I assume is Mr. Large's inventory...
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    SOLD .54 Percussion Renegade

    This is a very decent TC Renegade. 54 percussion rifle. Bore is very good with some minor spots of frost. Will lap out with shooting. Wood and metal have some minor scratches. See pics. More if you want. $290 + Shipping.
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    SOLD LNIB Stainless Ruger Old Army. 44

    I truly believe this pistol could pass for NOS, other than slight cylinder ring. People seem to feel the need to cock them. Definitely unfired. A little factory oil in chambers and bore. All paperwork. Nipple Wrench package unopened. Bonus is the numbered factory outer box. Never seen one...
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    Hawken Family History Post Jake and Sam

    Found this while researching the builder of a rifle I recently acquired.
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    WITHDRAWN deleted

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    SOLD TC .50 Flintlock Renegade

    This flintlock Renegade is in very good + condition, other than some Safe Rash to stock and some discoloration on barrel from poor handling (See pics). The bore in the 27" barrel is excellent. Rifle fired very little, if at all. Lock Sparkle Plenty. Pan does not look like powder ever burned...