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  1. Surfinator58

    Frontier Days in Albany Ga this year?? 2023

    Thanks for the update that's wonderful
  2. Surfinator58

    More India made smoothies!?!?!

    Yes there is one titled fabulous India weapons reproduction! It is a French woman touring India with subtitles and about halfway through they go into the same Factory that produced mine from military heritage the license numbers and government stamp is above the door as the camera goes inside...
  3. Surfinator58

    How often do you do a complete disassembly for cleaning?

    Yes I worked on the pins and glass bedded the breech so that I can remove it and reassemble easily without any additional wear and tear
  4. Surfinator58

    How often do you do a complete disassembly for cleaning?

    I completely take down my Flintlock every time it spends the day Outdoors but that's just me
  5. Surfinator58

    Cheapest northwest trade gun kit?

    Hey 10 gun do you think an entry level black powder shooter could actually finish a kit from track of the wolf or sitting fox? From what I've seen I don't think unless the person is a highly skilled Tradesman in some other field with a knowledge of hand tools and woodworking! I hear a lot of...
  6. Surfinator58

    Revolver photos

    My 1733 French pistol 62 caliber JL carrier takes a 50 grain charge of 2f and a patched round ball
  7. Surfinator58

    show me your plain and perdy

    My Harper's Ferry pattern rifled musket
  8. Surfinator58

    Military Heritage 1733 French naval pistol

    Thanks I do like my warmth! And the cat does too!
  9. Surfinator58

    Military Heritage 1733 French naval pistol

    Here's my 1733 from military heritage did some work to the stock and lightened the springs it's a handsome shooter
  10. Surfinator58

    How far must you travel to hunt?

    I just get my cup of coffee and a blanket and head out onto the back porch here in rural Georgia
  11. Surfinator58

    Hello from Georgia

    Welcome from Gray Georgia about 20 minutes east of Macon
  12. Surfinator58

    Show your Muzzleloading gems.

    I stripped off the old finish and then put on a thin coat of flat black followed by a thin coat of acetone to get the color I wanted it seems to have worked
  13. Surfinator58

    Show your Muzzleloading gems.

    Yes 58 caliber from Navy arms my brother sent it to me from New Hampshire he goes to amoskeag auction we were able to get it for 2 and 1/4
  14. Surfinator58

    USPS increase AGAIN!!!

    Sorry Wolverines was a reference to the name they gave themselves Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen
  15. Surfinator58

    USPS increase AGAIN!!!

    I just read an article where FedEx and UPS are both requiring a special dealer's license for anyone who sends firearms through them in quantities less than 20 or so guns annually this is too allow them to charge for second day air on all firearms shipments and the Democrats love it because it...
  16. Surfinator58

    A Brief Tour of a Really Good Musket Lock

    Thanks Dave for keeping it civil I hope I didn't ruffle too many feathers although I do get riled when people go after India made flintlocks! As I said my brother and I have a bunch of them that we received from military heritage in Ottawa! They are pretty rough some of them but I enjoy working...
  17. Surfinator58

    Chewed roundball

    There's a great video on YouTube of a Native American I believe his handle is bad hands and he does a great job of explaining loading a Flintlock on horseback and the subject comes up about holding lead balls in the mouth so as to reduce the time of a Reload. Title of video is Plains Indian guns
  18. Surfinator58

    A Brief Tour of a Really Good Musket Lock

    don't think I have built a musket during the last 8 years for which I charged much more than parts and I've made about 12 of them in that time, maybe a few more. No, I inform folks who. I live on a fixed income because of a disability and enjoy shooting black powder therefore it is...
  19. Surfinator58

    A Brief Tour of a Really Good Musket Lock

    Not rude or self-serving! I don't think my offer was out of line that is the going rate for an India made Flintlock and he said he could produce a custom gun for the same price so I took him up on his offer! Show me where that's rude or out of line and I will be glad to apologize if I misread...