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    My new old rifle

    This type of combination gun was fairly common in the Northeast US ( in parts of New York State they were sometimes called "Adirondack rifles"). Several New York and Pennsylvania gunmakers stamped their name on them, but many smaller gunmakers did not mark them. As they were assembled with...
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    Please Help ID Mystery Molds

    #3 is for a screw-off barrel British pocket pistol, with the lug end used as a wrench
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    CLOSED .50 caliber rifle wanted

    Amoskeag's timed auction ( ends August 28) has loads of T/C muzzleloaders up for auction, including a .50 caliber Pa Hunter and a Hawken flintlock .... here are a couple of them, if interested
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    what did i just buy?!!!!!

    Neat mechanism to fire two barrels with one lock. I look forward to your further documentation. Several gunmakers tried similar configurations, but none were really a commercial success. As I collect percussion over under guns, I've got several (using various slightly different transfer...
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    B.C Woods double barrel rifle

    As a collector of percussion over under guns, I've got a bunch of them by Barry C Wood of Painted Post, NY. MOST use one back action lock, which fires the top barrel, and an underhammer lock to fire the bottom barrel. They were made with both barrels rifled or with the bottom barrel left...
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    Need help identifying

    Hard to tell from the photos, but very similar to guns made by Blunt & Syms of New York City... If not, then it could possibly be one of the Ethan Allen guns (Allen & Thurber, Allen & Wheelock, etc)
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    Never owned one of these before!

    The name stamped on the backstrap is probably the maker... Your Myron Morgan was undoubtedly the owner in the 1950's-1960's when the police routinely told people to protect their collectables by using an electro-pencil to scribe on your name and social security number. The gun is in very nice...
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    Anybody know the year of this Goex?

    The earliest "GOEX" powders were in cans marked NET WT 16 OZ (1LB) at the bottom of the back side as well as Manufactured by GEARHART-OWEN Industries, INC. I've got a can from 1973 ... Yours is a later can with ( 454 Gr) metric weight and Manufactured by GOEX. INC. I think duPont sold the Belin...
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    I found this set at a small gun shop, What is it? a factory set or a special issue? Or???

    Typically these Belgian Dixie guns were .40 and used a patched .390 ball
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    Exploding .58 Minies ?

    For kicks, I bought a few of these in the 1960's from Dixie when ordering some needed parts. After getting them, I thought better and never fired them with a blank. I think I shot them unloaded sometime in the 70's when I ran out of standard mini balls
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    Never owned one of these before!

    These over/under guns were made in almost every conceivable configuration. Single trigger versions are the exception for guns like the one shown with two side mounted back action locks , but they are not rare. Indeed, the over/under version with the top barrel fired with a standard back action...
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    Never owned one of these before!

    As a serious collector of percussion over/under guns, I offer a few comments . Your rifle over shotgun combination with a fixed breech and round barrels is a fairly common type. In this configuration, it was probably built anywhere from about 1855 to the 1870's. Many of the smaller makers did...
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    Did I miss the ID on this one??

    Per your request for a reliable ID - My 1963 Navy Arms catalog named this gun the "REB Revolver ... beautiful, faithful reproduction of the Confederate Griswald & Grier, based on the 1851 action." Back then it sold for $89.95
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    Andrew Wurflein rifle

    This same gun was in a different forum back about 2015 by a previous owner. His added photos show that this fine gun of high quality workmanship once had a false muzzle and a quality tang mounted sight ( see the appropriate holes in the attached photos). My guess is that these attachments were...
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    John Graveley Shotgun

    The posting from 2013 by BIRDWATCHER gives the answer . Graveley was an importer and did not make the guns & knives . I also included the original NYC directory listing...a typical British imported double barrel shotgun that looks in reasonable shape except for the missing lock bolt
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    Allen & Thurber Pepperbox question

    I pulled one out to look. As you know, the nipples are part of the assembly and do not screw out. I doubt that there is enough "meat" to catch the threads of a replacement nipple ( after drilling and tapping the old nipple areas).I'm not a machinist, so a talented person MIGHT be able to pull it...
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    Old Stuff, What Do You Have?

    A bunch of Indian artifacts, Luristan bronzes from 1000 to 600 BC, and the attached wooly mammoth molar and piece of tusk dated to being over 40,000 years ago ( collected by a "swivel breech firearms student" in Northern Alaska)
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    Coins as in inlay

    Chris, What you use for inlays, escutcheons, etc is a matter of personal taste. If it is your gun and the coin has personal significance, then build your gun to meet your desire. I have never seen an original gun with coin escutcheons. Silver from coins and other sources make nice raw material...
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    What do I have?

    ARMI SAN MARCO of Italy ...the owner was apparently the son-in-law of Aldo Uberti. Just GOOGLE "ASM black powder revolver" to dig out as much info as you want. As one of the first Italian black powder revolver makers, a lot of us old timers got them as our first BP revolvers in the 1960's
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    Hammer Time

    Gus has a good eye! Here's the same hammer on my commercial civil war imported P1858 Enfield