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  1. Cooleys

    Javelina with a flintlock southern rifle…

    I thought I’d share a neat picture of my .40 southern mountain rifle on a recent javelina hunt in Arizona. I just finished making the rifle this winter and was looking forward to this hunt. I was very comfortable shooting off sticks out to 100 yards, and glad I was. I needed to make a 110 yard...
  2. Cooleys

    WANTED WTB chiefs grade trade gun parts $30-$1,500

    I am looking for chiefs grade trade gun parts. Specifically a trigger guard, buttplate and entry ramrod thimble, but I’d look any parts. Unlikely, but if there is a NSW unfinished kit out there, I’d like to have an opportunity to purchase it.
  3. Cooleys

    Curly ash Kibler SMR…with some modifications

    I recently finished up a Kibler SMR in .40 with a curly ash blank supplied by Honey Suckle Woodworks. The tree had died from the emerald ash borer and was later ring dated to the 1830’s, which adds to the “cool factor” of the rifle. The wood was was finished with iron nitrate and polymerized...