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    Oppose the Attempt to Ban Lead Ammunition on Federal Lands

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is proposing to ban lead ammunition and fishing tackle on certain federal lands by 2026. The proposed regulation is here:
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    How do you waterproof a wooden ramrod

    I have a new to me .45 caplock with a wooden ramrod. I went to the range for a short session a few days ago and it was very hot and humid. I use a range rod so the wood rod stayed in its place on the rifle. While cleaning the rifle I probably sloped some water on the rod. Bottom line is when...
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    WANTED Austin & Halleck set trigger adjustment screw

    I’m looking for an Austin & Halleck flint mountain rifle set trigger adjustment screw, I lost mine. The rifle barrel is marked Provo in case there was a difference with their different production locations. Anyone know where I might find one (or three). Thanks for your help.
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    32 gauge shot load suggestions

    I obtained a rusted TC Hawken 50 cal barrel and had it bored out to 54 cal (mikes at .533) and would like to develop some shot loads; anybody have a suggestion? I plan on starting at 70 gr 2f and an equal volume of shot (7/8 to 1 oz) with wasp nest filler between the powder and shot, will this...