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    Original 18. Century Germanic Jäger Rifle

    Hello Friends, For me was Christmas last Week! I found in an Antique Store in Berlin Charlottenburg these beautyful German Jäger Rifle!! Ich was satisfied and buy it!!! The Rifle is made by I. A. Hain from Thurnau near Bayreuth . The Beauty has many nice carvings a wooden Triggerguard with...
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    WANTED Search a Jäger Rifle

    Hello Friends, I search an German Jäger Rifle, i look for an Custom build nice Rifle i like the Hessian Style but feel free to offer! Thank you🍀
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    How to Aim with Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol?!

    Hello Folks, I own a nice British Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Postol, its a Smoothbore in .62 Caliber! Now my Question please tell how to Aim and how i can became Practice or training it?! It is an Indian Made but fully reworked Stock&Lock but i have no Practice without Sights! Thank you
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    My Custom Fussil de Chase

    Hey Folks, I buy a Indian Made Smoothbore Fusil and the Stock are oversized! All was bulky and not like the originals … so i decide to make new Look and overhaul the Stock and the Lock! What did you Say?
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    What is this ? Ordonance Carbine?

    Hello i became this nice Percusion Carbine Smoothbore i think .69 Caliber. I live in Germany an became it from a Friend. He dont know anything about it an give it to me! Nice Confition but what is it?! I think Army Carbine?!
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    Original German Jäger?! Need Help!

    This Rifle became i from an Old Man in my Town! Looks like an original German Jäger with Percusion modify?who can Help?!
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    Doglock New England Fowler Cookson India Made

    Hello, Here in Germany we have a Gunshop that offers the India Made Doglock Fowler New England Cookson Style. I have slso the Ketland Smoothbore Trage Gun it was not so bad ok the Finish and Stock MUST reworked but then it is ok. But now the Fowler Stock was very massiv and thick and i want to...
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    Help with Jäger Rifle .62 Loads

    Hello for all here, I am Tino from Germany i am a traditinal Hunter and hunting with Flintlocks i have 1 Kibler Colonial Rifle .54 and 1 J. Garner Lancaster also .54 both perfect Hunting Rifles! Now i became a TOW Kit Jäger Rifle with 31“ Colraine Barrel .62, Davis Jaeger Lock a very beauty...