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    Hornet Nest Wadding

    Hi everyone, I have heard of lots of you using bald face hornet nests for shotgun wadding. How do you harvest the nests? To use them for historically correct wadding?
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    Black Squirrels

    While I was out deer hunting today I ran into some black color morph squirrels. I’ve seen these once or twice before and I was wondering how common these are? I wasn’t able to bag one today but I hope to in the future. How rare is the group I found today? -10 Ga
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    1830-1845 Prairie Powder Horn

    Hello all, I am looking for an example (or examples) of powder horns from the 1830-1845 timeframe specifically from the great plains region. Examples both from Native Americans and European Americans are welcome. I am also interested in the historically accurate kit for feeding a muzzle loader...
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    Fixing up an old 10 Gauge SxS

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice on repairing an old side by side with a couple problems, but first my experience level. I have worked on several modern firearms and enjoy building and repairing modern firearms. I would not consider myself an expert by any means but I do enjoy...
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    Hello From Georgia

    Hello everyone, I hope to learn a lot from your wealth of knowledge. I am originally from Kansas and am interested in the muzzleloaders from the early westward expansion time period. 10 Ga.