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  1. CyrusP

    Good Traders

    @tim-jon is a solid person to deal with. I sold a mold and it was a great transaction. Thanks!
  2. CyrusP

    FOR SALE LOWER PRICE TC Maxi-ball .50 mold and handles $70.00 shipped by

    TC Maxi-ball .50 caliber mold and Lyman(?) handles. Casts a .50 Maxi-ball that weighs 370 grains of pure lead for the samples I have. The number 619 is stamped on both mold halves. PRICE LOWERED TO $70.00 shipped USPS tracked insured CONUS. Thanks.
  3. CyrusP

    How da You Like Your Howdah?

    You got the flint version!!!! I am green with envy!!!! PS Don’t forget birdshot loads.
  4. CyrusP

    FOR SALE TScottW99 account has been hacked.

    ^^^THIS^^^. X 1,000,000
  5. CyrusP

    SOLD .36 Caplock Squirrel rifle

    That looks exactly like my Pedersol-built .32 flintlock from Garrett Arms Norfolk VA. Same pierced patch box minus engraving. Same trigger guard. The note says assembled from a kit so perhaps a Pedersoli Kit? BTW, I LOVE my rifle so I mean this as a positive thing. Mine is a shooter!
  6. CyrusP

    SOLD The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Long Rifle by Chuck Dixon

    Sold to the bi-pedally gifted gentleman from NY State’s High Peaks region.
  7. CyrusP

    SOLD The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Long Rifle by Chuck Dixon

    Brand new, perfect condition. Bought when I couldn’t find my original, then quickly found my original. $20.00 shipped in CONUS.
  8. CyrusP

    SOLD Chambers Queen Anne lock $200.00 shipped

    Jim Chambers Queen Anne lock, small for pistol, small rifle, etc. Brand spankin’ new in package with paperwork. Bought from Jim at Dixon’s Fair a few years back. These are $250.00 new. Asking $200.00 shipped in CONUS. Thanks.
  9. CyrusP

    Kibler SMR chamber

    This one?
  10. CyrusP

    Kibler SMR chamber

    Thanks. Chamber is the wrong word.
  11. CyrusP

    Kibler SMR chamber

    Hi all. I’m trying to visualize what my chamber looks like in my Kibler SMR. I know the touch hole is roughly 1/8” forward from the breach plug face. Is this pic I drew somewhat accurate? Is there an unrifled portion directly in front of the breach plug? I’d like to see a better diagram if...
  12. CyrusP

    Kibler lock question on cock looseness

    Thanks. I will remove and inspect tonight.
  13. CyrusP

    Kibler lock question on cock looseness

    On my Kibler SMR, when the cock is at rest (fully forward) there is no movement/looseness, but when at 1/2 and full cock there is a lot of movement of the cock in both dimensions (back and forth and sideways) Is this normal? My 2 other flintlocks (Pedersoli rifle and pistol) have no movement of...
  14. CyrusP

    New 1860 Army

    Beating it good and hard like it owes you money with a non-marring object worked for me. Nylon hammer, done on my mattress (some give) with a piece of clothing between hammer and wedge.
  15. CyrusP

    How da You Like Your Howdah?

    I will say, if you use it two-handed, one hand on the fore grip, that MIGHT help with that. I shot it both ways.
  16. CyrusP

    How da You Like Your Howdah?

    @Big Sky is selling a 20x20 right now in the classifieds.
  17. CyrusP

    WITHDRAWN REDUCED - AS NEW Pedersoli 20 Ga Howdah Pistol

    Recoil not bad with reasonable loads. Heavy little thing soaks it up nicely. Thick barrel walls. Very nicely done.
  18. CyrusP

    Questions on arbor with new 1851 Uberti London model

    Heal up fast. 😀