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  1. dave951

    Is this muzzle crown good to go ?

    The roughness doesn't matter. Being a bit off center might. I wouldn't be afraid of this one. Shoot it and see if there's a problem. Fixing this is easy if it is a problem.
  2. dave951

    Springfield vs Enfield

    For those who complain about "old eyes" note the location of the rear sight on an Enfield. There's a reason it's where it is. Past that, the stock on an Enfield can be off putting to domestic taste.
  3. dave951

    Best overall BP question

    And I get excoriated over my dislike for Goex/Hogdon.
  4. dave951

    Best overall BP question

  5. dave951

    Would you shoot it?

    When we're working with the kids, it's round ball or minies. Yes, minies, because we use Civil War muskets as part of our program and I've also designed a 50cal minie to use as a gallery load out of a traditional round ball gun.
  6. dave951

    Would you shoot it?

    There is method to my madness. A fun, oddball, reactive target will stick in a kid's memory for a long time. He won't forget the food time he had on the range with it and he'll tell his friends. With that in mind, this isn't so much a novelty target as a publicity piece designed to promote...
  7. dave951

    Would you shoot it?

    What happens in the pistol bay, stays in the pistol bay.
  8. dave951

    Powder loads

    Simple answer- yes, but cut the charge levels down. You may not see the accuracy you're used to.
  9. dave951

    Would you shoot it?

    I got the geometry figured out. I had to move the pivot point between the two and there is a lever acting on the lid. I used a couple screws as "set screws" to preload and balance the lid just at the point of slamming. A hit on the seat now will absolutely slam the lid. Good thing about how this...
  10. dave951

    Would you shoot it?

    Ok. Got the geometry figured out and a seat hit will slam the lid
  11. dave951

    Would you shoot it?

    I'm working on a way to rig the top so a hit on the seat will slam the lid down.
  12. dave951

    Would you shoot it?

    Submitted for comment, ridicule, and amusement, and yes, it can take more than a few hits from minies before expiring when a wire hit resulted in decapitation.
  13. dave951

    Light loads

    That's good shooting and good load development technique. It's also a perfect illustration of "accuracy nodes". Long barrel arms are particularly susceptible to the effect. What happens is ALL gun barrels vibrate on ignition. Recoil coupled with the frequency of that vibration are big factors...
  14. dave951

    We had a good time

    Fantasy piece, not really. They were in development but this was at a time where muzzleloading cannon and arms were ending their dominance on the battlefield so it was really a dead end from a developmental point of view. The status of the war coupled with that fact pretty much dictated there...
  15. dave951

    Why does smokeless powder peel open a muzzleloader like a banana?

    Part of what you're seeing is form following function. If the target is at a relatively short range (think gallery style shooting), then a small caliber makes sense because environmental factors don't have much of a role in the outcome. Get out shooting at distance, the ability of a 45 or 50cal...
  16. dave951

    .69 Caliber Rifled 1842's

    +1 for Moose I shoot a 1842 but mine is a cut down smoothbore. During the War of Northern Aggression, the South used pretty much whatever it could get that would go bang and to supplement that, took damaged arms from the battlefields and had them repaired and reissued. The Macon Arsenal was one...
  17. dave951

    What are your excuses please.

    My guns identify as rabbits and such tend multiply in the same frequency. At least to her, they all look alike so if I don't leave all out at once, she'll never know the difference. :cool:
  18. dave951

    Why does smokeless powder peel open a muzzleloader like a banana?

    Not really. Folks have always experimented to find the "best" for competition and that often drives development. That's why in the waning era of using bp as a common powder, you see a move to 45cal for military and competition use. In the last years of common bp cartridges, bore sizes got down...
  19. dave951

    Why does smokeless powder peel open a muzzleloader like a banana?

    And you would be 100% wrong. We have many threads and posts on this but to recap- many bp shooters do measure by volume BUT many measure by weight+volume (competition shooters). Smokeless reloading (and yes, I've been doing it for 40+ years) is done the exact same way. Many bp shooters are...
  20. dave951

    Question about Armi Jager Italy loading

    I'd stick with musket caps. They have far more power than #11s. And yes, they, and real black powder are available regardless of the chicken littles opinions. Sounds like you are completely new to this. I strongly suggest you contact the NMLRA and find a charter club or certified instructor...