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  1. Rock Home Isle

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  2. Rock Home Isle

    Tales of Makin Meat

    I love to hunt. It’s been a passion for my entire life. Fall…to me, is a season that signals freedom. It’s a time of year to venture out into the field in search of game. Just got home from our annual family Dove Hunt, and finished a nice dinner with my wife. I normally take photos of my hunts...
  3. Rock Home Isle

    Elk Ivories

    I’ve recently retired as a high school science teacher, and little by little I’ve been going through all the things that I’ve collected and kept in my lifetime. Just cleaning things out, like I did with my classroom, at the end of this last school year. I’ve been an avid Elk Hunter, I loved...
  4. Rock Home Isle

    India Made Firearms

    There have been lots of recent discussions on India Made Muskets…I’ve never done a pol before…so let’s see how it goes. pol closes in 12 days.
  5. Rock Home Isle

    Oh the Chains that Bind Us

    I was just reading through a thread this morning and was struck by some experiences that I had...memories that came flooding back. The link to the thread is posted just above. I love to shoot out of the bag...
  6. Rock Home Isle

    If You Could Design Your Own Shooting Range...

    I read a post just a moment ago and it got me to thinking...I like to ponder things these days. If you had a piece of property, or were going to buy a piece of property, and build out your own shooting range; what would you want to include? How would you layout the range? What would you...
  7. Rock Home Isle

    Next Generation Smoke

    I’ve been makin smoke for longer than is comfortable to admit. I enjoy it, but I’m noticing more and more that the people standing around me, shooting next to me, are just as grey as me…and I’m actually considered one of the youngsters in my club. I have 2 grandsons, they are wonderful young...
  8. Rock Home Isle

    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    I'm curious to know what was your first BlackPowder firearm? Was it a rifle or a smoothbore? What made you want to buy it? How experienced/knowledgeable with this sport/hobby were you, when you bought your first BlackPowder gun?
  9. Rock Home Isle

    Makin Meat

    I'm curious...what game animals (or None Game) have you harvested with Black Powder? What Muzzleloader (Type, Calibre, Manufacturer, etc) is your favorite to take hunting out in the field? Hunting yarns are my favorites...Tell us a story... Curious minds want to know.... :cool: