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  1. david w

    Gehmann Stick-on Iris

    For those of us that wear bifocals, getting your iron sights in focus can be a challenge. I just purchased the Gehmann stick-on iris for ordinary glasses. It has made a huge difference in my accuracy. The sights are now clear, and I can see the target, too. I may buy a special pair of glasses...
  2. david w

    Hollow Point Round Ball?

    I was at the range shooting today, and was approached by an admirer of my SMR. I ws talking to him while reloading, and new better. I dry-balled, but saved face showing him how to pull a ball using my range rod. It got me to thinking about the hole in the ball caused by the screw. Could I...
  3. david w

    Bear Oil

    Has anyone tried bear oil/grease for a patch lube? I wish I were younger and could go bear hunting. If I were to go hunting them critters today, I would most likely wind up like Hatchet Jack.
  4. david w

    SOLD Late English Lock

    Band new L&R Late English lock with no hole drilled. I did polish the pan a bit. $190. Includes shipping and insurance. Postal money order or PayPal preferred. Personal check with 10 day for clearance accepted.
  5. david w

    Opinel Knife

    After reading about the Opinel knife, I decided to buy one. For just a little over 16 bucks, this knife is fantastic! They are extremely sharp! I am going to order a few more, for myself, and some to give away to friends. Be sure to lock the blade. You definitely don't want this knife to...
  6. david w

    Two Feathers is Awesome!

    I bought a patch knife from Two Feathers and I like the antique appearance. The antiqued stag horn handle and the "aged" steel really sets it off. The knife is sharp with a good edge, but I did make a few swipes on my Arkansas black stone and honed it on my leather strop with rouge. It's...
  7. david w

    New Patch Knife

    I just bought a patch knife from Two Feathers, a member on this forum. It's nicely done. Now I can cut my patches at the muzzle. It's also very sharp! I'm wondering why my patch lube has turned red?
  8. david w

    Upset with USPS

    I have rifle coming from a forum member. It was supposed to have been here yesterday. I look at the tracking number, and it simply tells me it's on it's way to the next destination. It doesn't tell me where it is, just that it will be a late arrival. How do you misplace a package that's over...
  9. david w

    Coning Barrels

    I have heard there could be an advantage to coning a barrel. I'm a bit nervous on trying it until I have heard from those that have. Do you experience less accuracy after coning? What tool did you buy?
  10. david w

    What is your favorite era of muzzleloading?

    I am curious as to what most of our forum choice is for their favorite type of black powder gun. I started out in percussion, then went to flintlock. What is your favorite? Please ignore the 1st choice, this is the first time I've posted a poll, and I'm old and computer illiterate. If you...
  11. david w

    Help Needed for Black Metal Finish on Hawken Rifle

    I am having to restore an early Hawken and need help where to find the black finish for the barrel and stock parts. I used a finish years ago that turned the metal black rather than brown. It was applied and heat activation colored the metal to a rick black. Can anyone help me with finding this?
  12. david w

    In Need of a Rifle Builder

    I have a Early Hawkins full stock that needs to be restocked. I have a pre-cut stock, but not enough tools or workspace to do the job myself. Is anyone here able to do the work, of can tell me who can? It has a Hoppy Hopkins barrel, and can be shortened if necessary.
  13. david w

    Old member rejoining the forum

    Hi folks! I've been away for a very long time. I thought I should come back. I would like to pull up a stump and jaw a spell.
  14. david w

    rebuilding a flintlock

    I have been away from this forum for a very long time. I need to have a flintlock restocked and would appreciate who can do this for me. It is an early Hawkins full stock. I have an H&H barrel and all the parts. I could maybe use a new lock. Any suggestions?