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  1. Art Caputo

    Another Kibler Colonial completed

    Just finished this Kibler 50 cal Of the three different maple grades available(plain, fancy., extra fancy), I ordered the fancy. Finishing with both tannic acid and Aqua Fortis, the result revealed a wide array of graining producing varied color tones. All components are top quality, with...
  2. Art Caputo

    CLOSED Lock(flint) for CVA Mountain Rifle

    WTB a used/good condition original equipment lock for a 70’s CVA Mountain Rifle.
  3. Art Caputo

    GOEX FFG vs Cartridge

    I understand that a GOEX Cartridge is very close to FFG granulation, is sifted for fewer fines, and has additional graphite coating. I was wondering how cartridge would perform in a flintlock and whether the additional graphite coating would effect ignition. I have a supply that I use in my...
  4. Art Caputo

    Hubbard photo

    Having just joined the forum, I’ve had a few requests for pictures of my Hubbard Virginia Rifle mentioned in my introductory post as my favorite flintlock. I’ve owned it about a dozen years. It’s has a 38” swamped barrel, 50 cal. It’s classic Hubbard”well used” finish. Balances and shoots very...
  5. Art Caputo

    New guy from the Northeast

    While I’m new to the forum, I’ve referenced this excellent site frequently over the years. Recently retired, I’m excited to have the time to participate. I’m not new to muzzle loading.....but hope to learn a lot more. I’m primarily a hunter, shooting my first buck over 40 years ago with a...