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    identify nipple

    I found a nipple in my T.C. parts stash. It is stainless and measures .544 from base to tip. The thread is the same as my Ithaka Hawkin but is quite a bit shorter? One of you fellows will know what it fits , I sure don't?
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    What does this nipple fit?

    I was going through some of my leftover parts I used when working on M.L. guns. I found a nipple and have no idea what type of rifle it fits? The threads are the same as my Ithaka Hawkin but it is shorter? It miked .544 from base to top ? I found it in some of my T.C. parts and it may be for a...
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    FOR SALE Large bull horns

    I have two nice very large bull horns willing to trade for just about anything?
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    lost key

    Lost one of my keys to my Ithaca Navy Hawkin it measures 1 3/4" long and 7/16 wide! I will pay cash, trade or whatever to replace it!
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    How much my balls weigh?

    I just read a post about balls and the weight variation. I was curious so I weighed some of my balls that were for a .54 hawkin that shoots extremely well with both brands I weighed. I weighted five."Buffalo bullets" and five ,"Hornady" I weighted them on an ,"Ohaus scale" as I wanted as...