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  1. Campbell

    Kibler’s “In the white” service

    Thanks TerryK - very nice to see. Stock is looking great! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  2. Campbell

    Kibler’s “In the white” service

    Very good insight and information- thank you!
  3. Campbell

    Kibler’s “In the white” service

    TerryK, thanks for that. Looking forward to any updates you may have as well. I hope you enjoy your rifle!
  4. Campbell

    Kibler’s “In the white” service

    Was wondering if anyone has used Kibler’s $700 “In the White” service? If so, what is your opinion? Thanks
  5. Campbell

    Son’s project

    Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.
  6. Campbell

    Increase in interest

    I sure hope it spurs an interest like it did in 1976. I was 10 in 1976 and my father and I joined a historical re-enactment group. Been shooting black powder since I was about 8.
  7. Campbell

    Great Youtube movie on penetration - with a Hawken replica...

    @ILoveMuzzeloading Good job Ethan! By the way, I’m always looking forward to good podcasts about anything/everything concerning traditional muzzleloading. Looking forward to more of those from you. Thanks again!
  8. Campbell

    Bear Oil

    Juniata, how do you render a fart? :)
  9. Campbell

    Need advice on rusty barrel

    Evaporust will take that right out
  10. Campbell

    To Shoot or not to Shoot is the ?

    Shoot it
  11. Campbell

    Any other heretics out there that oil their barrels?

    3in1, CLP, Crisco, whatever I have.
  12. Campbell


    On my property I will go out of my way to kill any venomous snake
  13. Campbell


    Double post
  14. Campbell

    Lewis & Clark History

    I couldn’t agree more. Undaunted Courage was an excellent book!
  15. Campbell

    How do you eat them

    A lot of butter and salt. Refrigerate the leftovers, slice and fry in bacon grease the next morning.
  16. Campbell

    It’s nice to have over 1000 Shots in the bank….

    Good job! Slow and steady (gathering of goods) wins the race.
  17. Campbell

    Joseph Plum Martin

    Purchased and just finished reading (due to this thread). Enjoyed it!
  18. Campbell

    Really wide belt

    I bought a nice wide one from Dixie about 25 years ago. I bet they still have them.
  19. Campbell


    Flintlock, cap and ball revolvers: cool water, minimal disassembly, dry and oil.
  20. Campbell

    Shots Per Shooting Session?

    My backyard is my shooting range, so I’ll do 7 to 10 shots with a flintlock once or twice a week