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  1. Bnewberry

    Swiss ffg, my new favorite!

    I have had good results with Goex ffg, but got more tar build up than I think I should in a .40 caliber flintlock. Tried some Swiss ffg today and liked the results. Started with a 30 grain (by volume) charge, 3 different ball types and 2 different patch lube ratios. Almost 60 shots. Very...
  2. Bnewberry

    Cutting a barrel - send it to someone with a lathe or use a hacksaw?

    For those without lathe, do you cut a barrel off yourself or send it out? If you send it out, where do you send it?
  3. Bnewberry

    Rear sights on Pre 1800 Flintlock pistol?

    I am embarking on a flintlock pistol build. Octagon to round barrel, small Queen Anne lock. I am not copying a particular gun, and do not have plans. In my head I am trying for something that wouldn’t be out of place for a pre 1800 American pistol. The pictures and descriptions I can find show...
  4. Bnewberry

    Birchbark, deer antler and a little brass for the handle.

    I had some scraps of 1084 and 15n20 leftover from some knives I made so I got it in my head to make a small neck knife. Used it to open a deer I got.
  5. Bnewberry

    New from southern Michigan

    While I am not new to black powder, I am new to traditional muzzleloaders. I shot a lot of black powder doing cowboy action shooting but life events made it tougher to participate in that. Now that the kids are mostly out of the house I was looking for a reason to shoot more and got a wild...