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  1. DuncNZ

    Roundball Expansion?

    Pure lead balls usually expand if they hit some resistance , ones shot at steel gongs make a splat mark .
  2. DuncNZ

    Massive Myths of a Previous Thread

    Sailors on the wooden ships sat on a board slung over the side and used a piece of frayed rope dipped in a bucket of sea water
  3. DuncNZ

    Any info on the S. Sweitner made gun appreciated

    I wondered about the name , there are 4 Sweitzer's in my book, but no S Sweitzer . It does show there were Sweitzer gunsmiths working in Pa that era.: A Sweitzer making flintlocks in Pa, Charles Sweitzer making heavy percussion rifles , Mauch Chunk, Carbon County , Pa 1864-75 . Daniel Sweitzer...
  4. DuncNZ

    Goex vs. Swiss in Pedersoli .45 Frontier Rifle

    I was told many years ago by someone , maybe The Mad Monk , that Swiss powder was like the old time rifle powders and all the others were like the old time musket powders . The way they perform in my rifles I am inclined to believe it .
  5. DuncNZ

    Schuetzen 4 wing musket caps me please

    Not so . I worked for a company which imports special toxin free ,including lead free , pistol and rifle ammo for use by police and armed forces in indoor ranges . There is no lead styphnate in the primers . Its a Occupation Safety and Health requirement .All very PC ,
  6. DuncNZ

    Massive Myths of a Previous Thread

    Ivory soap never made it to New Zealand . When I was a kid in the 50's we had an American book of things to make from household items . It had a lot of things to carve from floating soap . I wrote to my Cousins in Denver for floating soap and got instant coffee instead much to my parents delight .
  7. DuncNZ

    Massive Myths of a Previous Thread

    Romans used a sponge dipped in diluted vinegar, which was also used as an antiseptic .
  8. DuncNZ

    Has anyone used 1F in a rifle ?

    Well you obviously do know how , If for some reason you double post you can hit the edit button , then delete those pictures you want to , sometimes you may want to delete them all and start again . Good group and information . Record keeping is an important part of accurate load development
  9. DuncNZ

    My fowler arrived yesterday.

    Patterns are controlled by choke but are also highly influenced by shot hardness , shot size , velocity and wad type , high velocity opens up patterns , soft shot and no shot protector allow shot to rub on the barrel wall and get flat spots etc which cause the shot to fly irregularly and open...
  10. DuncNZ

    Tried Balistol / Water today

    I tried the dry lube method to start with using water soluble machinist oil , I found the dried patches tended to fall apart after a few months storage , that is why I tried Ballistol , no rot problems there .
  11. DuncNZ

    My fowler arrived yesterday.

    I do like that stock . Tip : when you buy a custom made firearm ask the maker how he finished the stock , it may need refinishing some time down the trail and you may need to know .
  12. DuncNZ

    CLOSED Willow Charcoal

    One thing you need to use wood not wood with bark on , willow is easy to debark when green , grape is hard to debark ( almost impossible , it does make a hot fire wood but leaves a lot of ash ) ,barbeque charcoal is usually not suitable for making powder as there can be a variety of woods used .
  13. DuncNZ

    flintlock w/ axe ?

    I have seen a stack of this type of "firearm" many with disappointed owners who thought they were getting something rare . Barrels which only protrude above the wood and aren't inletted at all , screw heads cast on , modern threads on old looking screws , barrels cast in halves and glued...
  14. DuncNZ

    Has anyone used 1F in a rifle ?

    Just remember there are differences between makes , batches and grain size with Black Powder eg , Swiss is faster than the others , Schuetzen is dirtier burning etc .You really need to try some in your rifle , It will certainly work but will be different to what you are used to .. If you try...
  15. DuncNZ

    Tried Balistol / Water today

    When you are drying your patch strips , lay them on a flat surface , don't hang on a line as you will get uneven distribution of the lube .
  16. DuncNZ

    A Small bag for a Small Rifle and Horn

    Where do you think the pouch came from in the first place ?
  17. DuncNZ

    Flintlock porn

    Looking straight down the flash hole
  18. DuncNZ

    Just over one year .

    I'm not going to leave , I learn a lot from you
  19. DuncNZ

    A “Fishy” Powder Measure

    I like that . lots of fun but it should have been carved from Basswood , volume can be corrected by adding a ball of bees wax , pushed firmly to the bottom , until the correct volume is obtained
  20. DuncNZ

    So a guy walks into an auction...

    That was a great buy , both firearms look just fine . I see a Uberti Hawken sold for $170 . All those firearms seem to have sold a bargain prices .