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  1. Cruzatte

    Range Report TOW Fusil de Chasse

    I finally got a target that doesn't embarrass me, shot with the Track of the Wolf fusil de chasse above. The target was shot off-hand at 50 yards. It won't win any awards, I know. But I'm satisfied. The two wide shots were made as I was figuring out where to put the sight. I'm not sure if the...
  2. Cruzatte

    Trying Out a New Skill

    Beading. On another thread somewhere else around here, there was discussion about split pouches. I've thought about making one. This one, my first, is not a copy of any historical pouch. It is rather, a copy of one made by Dennis Neely, Traditional Black Powder Hunting. His looked pretty good...
  3. Cruzatte

    French Capot

    In another thread elsewhere we were talking about a pattern for a capot. It made me think of a thread I started ages ago, and never completed the discussion. Here's the French capot I started way back when, completely hand sewn, with cloth covered buttons. The pattern I used is here.
  4. Cruzatte

    Making A New Powder Horn

    Geez, I didn't realize that photo was so out of focus. Anyway, I started this project today.
  5. Cruzatte

    Making Your Own Gunsmithing Tools

    I've been interested in the whole craft of muzzleloading for many years. Even down to fabricating tools and jigs in the gun building workshop. Lately, I've been fascinated by this touch hole counter sink tool. And upon close inspection, it seems like it would be easy to duplicate. Question is...
  6. Cruzatte

    SOLD Lee .527 Round Ball Mold

    Pending receipt of funds.
  7. Cruzatte

    Book Recommendations

    I want to pass along the titles of three books that have helped me enormously in learning about the techniques and tools needed for hand sewing 18th and early 19th century attire. These are The Lady's Guide to Plain Sewing, The Lady's Guide to Plain Sewing Book II, and The Workman's Guide to...
  8. Cruzatte

    New Ball Mold

    I sprung for a Tanner ball mold .610" dia. It arrived 28 June. The mold handles arrived today, which I ordered from Track of the Wolf. I set about casting up a few balls. And I am pleased with the mold. It's a good thing I didn't compensate for shrinkage when I ordered the mold. I selected two...
  9. Cruzatte

    Manton, Master Gun Maker

    For your edification and amusement.
  10. Cruzatte

    Patterns by La Fleur de Lyse

    In response to another thread about sewing patterns, here's another suggestion. There's a Canadian pattern La Fleur de Lyse. They have both men's and women's patterns. While the men's patterns are largely centered around 18th Century French military impressions, these can be modified to...
  11. Cruzatte

    The Antiquity of French Gray Barrel Finish

    There was discussion on another thread about the antiquity of barrel finishes; blue, brown, bright, and French gray. I was wondering how far back French gray can be noted. Is it a nineteenth century fashion, or can it be dated to the eighteenth century? Are there any examples of French gray...
  12. Cruzatte

    Sighting Along a Sighting Rib

    This is a historical question about gun building in the 18th century; specifically French gun building. An optional feature on some French export fusils was a sighting rib milled along the top of the barrel thus extending the top flat from breech to muzzle. In the photographs I've seen, there...
  13. Cruzatte

    A Day At the Range

    We had a nice break in the weather here in N.E. Kansas; sunny, 80°F, low humidity, and a refreshing breeze. Got with a club member and managed to score some 2fg Goex and I was fixed. Rather than use a standard brass adjustable powder measure which are marked in grains, I decided to use a shotgun...
  14. Cruzatte

    COVID-19 Project

    I finished my fusil de chasse last December. Now I felt like I needed an overcoat to go with it. These are the two front pieces I cut out today from 26 oz. wool broadcloth I purchased from Wm. Booth Draper. The pattern comes from a Canadian company La Fluer de Lyse pattern #NFM1755. White seems...
  15. Cruzatte

    Finished My FDC

    There it is, warts and all. I see all the places where I could have done it better. I see a few places where I could go back and touch up. But it's functional. This is my second gun building project. I took it on as an exercise. And I have learned some valuable lessons along the way; like how...
  16. Cruzatte

    Finished My Fusil

    It has taken me a full year to get my fusil de chasse done. Here it is. The stock is American black walnut (J. negra) stained with Birchwood Casey's walnut stain. The entire set of parts are from Track of the Wolf, except the pins. These I made out of coat hanger wire, which is a little lighter...
  17. Cruzatte

    WANTED Biscayne Axe

    I'm looking for a French belt axe referred to by collectors as a Biscayne axe. See Voyager's Sketch Book Fur Trade Press, p. 22. Photo below is a photo I found on the net
  18. Cruzatte

    Trade Knife

    Here's a knife I assembled during breaks while working on my FDC. The blade came from Track of the Wolf (TOW) and the scales from a scrap of wood from the FDC stock. I managed to bugger up the original scales sent with the knife blade. I didn't like the pins that came with the parts, so I...
  19. Cruzatte

    FDC Project Update

    I thought one of two might be interested in my progress. This is only my second attempt at building a muzzle loader. What looks like a gap at the back of the lock plate is actually a shadow. I checked. Photography isn't exactly my long suit. Sorry 'bout that.
  20. Cruzatte

    Inletting Black Is Messy Stuff

    I thought I'd upload a status report, just to let folks know I'm still on the job. I think I got as much of that inletting goop on my fingers as I did the buttplate.:rolleyes: