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  1. ILoveMuzzleloading

    The only rifle in American history with a family connection to David Crockett | Tour with Greg Murry

    Today we're at Greg Murry's Crockett Longrifle Project display at the 2022 Contemporary Longrifle Association show. Greg has spent 30 years researching, documenting and saving the history of the Crockett family's longrifle building career. The Forge Seat Rifle Shop ran from 1808 - 1826 and was...
  2. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Triple owe yourself a 1lb

    Whatever gets you shooting is great. Glad to hear it’s working well for you
  3. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Early muzzleloader season 2022

    I hear that rifle in .58 smooth has the ‘best’ balance from many. Glad to see you enjoying it!
  4. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Hunting Bag Arrangement

    I’m no pro but I like to have a bag for each gun. They hang as sets in my house, I like looking at them. Each bag has a horn, primer or caps, balls, patches, a screw driver and vent/nipple pick. So far I’ve not had a failure that required a full rebuild so I have been keeping my bags real light.
  5. ILoveMuzzleloading

    .54 Renegade Arrived

    That’s a fine shooter!
  6. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Is it uncool to use Pyrodex?

    Whatever gets you shooting is good by me, but Ill wear white after Labor Day too. Really appreciate the history of pyrodex being shared here.
  7. ILoveMuzzleloading

    NMLRA Videos?

    Thanks Jack! Hopefully I can be at the shoots longer next year and we can meet up. I don’t recall that video personally. I remember I did one on the Seneca Run, but I’m not sure I made it to the mountain man. I appreciate the support Numb, I’m happy to have done what I could when I could to...
  8. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Great Youtube movie on penetration - with a Hawken replica...

    No stink given Tenngun, none at all! I appreciate the conversation, it helps me understand more of where people are coming from and better informs videos, articles, and conversations. Everyone has a right to their opinion and I’ll not be one to take that away.
  9. ILoveMuzzleloading

    NMLRA members

    @ILoveMuzzleloading, you and BP Maniac are the reasons I joined. In fact I saw both of you guys at different times on Saturday but I didn't want to bother either one of you. It’s so great to hear that Patrick, Mark is one of the best ambassadors for the sport ever. Next time, please bother...
  10. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Great Youtube movie on penetration - with a Hawken replica...

    I appreciate the critiques Rifleman! I’d love to hear more on this perspective, if either of you have time to share. I truly hadn’t considered it. The origin of this video and the others like it is coming from newcomers who have questions, I never considered it to be making the muzzleloader...
  11. ILoveMuzzleloading

    NMLRA Videos?

    Hi VA guy, I produced all the videos for the NMLRA and had to depart from my position from the association In April 2021. I’m glad you enjoyed the videos, they were fun to produce. I continue to offer my support to the organization and will help anyone they bring on to continue the production...
  12. ILoveMuzzleloading

    NMLRA members

    My family have been members since 1938, saving up for my life membership and one for my daughter currently.
  13. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Great Youtube movie on penetration - with a Hawken replica...

    Thanks som,I hope for sharing. I’m saving up for some ballistic gel to try them in another manner, in addition to an accuracy test
  14. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Great Youtube movie on penetration - with a Hawken replica...

    Not sure about that, but I have some fun now and then!
  15. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Investarms Gemmer Hawken build

    Definitely a lot of extra wood, but I’m glad you are enjoying it! I found the wood removal to be almost meditative. Lots of fun
  16. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Early 19th Century Pants

    Townsends, Samson Historical and Crazy Crow all have decent 1812 era items, for something a bit later check out South Union Mills - they are bringing some nice early-mid 19th century items to the market.
  17. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Investarms Gemmer Hawken build

    Thanks for sharing TDM, hope you enjoyed the build- you did a nice job
  18. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Gunmakers Fair at Kempton Event Tour

    Thanks so much Pathfinder! It’s always fun to make a video of a great event like this one
  19. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Gunmakers Fair at Kempton Event Tour

    The “Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair” created a legacy in Eastern Pennsylvania nearly 40 years ago. In 2020 the Dixon Family announced they would not be able to host the fair anymore, leaving a hole in the muzzle loading community of the area. Shortly after this announcement, representatives from the...