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  1. TDM

    Problems with Flint & Steel

    I'm curious to know if I'm the only one who has been unsuccessful at starting a fire with flint & steel. I have tried 7 or 8 times over the past few years and no luck. I first bought a cheap kit, then bought a better steel from TotW and more flint. I even bought some denim to make new char...
  2. TDM

    Shooting My Palmetto Derringer

    Finally took the time to try this little guy out after at least 35 years. As I said in a previous thread, I bought it about 40 years ago, and for the most part forget I have it. I gave it a good cleaning, but it was in good shape for sitting so long. Only thing was the nipple. You can't remove...
  3. TDM

    Does anybody remember these or have one.

    I was just reading a post on a CVA derringer and it jarred my memory of one I have and always forget that I have it. Haven't shot this in years, but maybe its time to do that soon. I bought this .32 from DGW in 80'-81'. Don't remember what I paid for it, but it wouldn't have been much.
  4. TDM

    Down & Dirty Powder Horn

    I'm not presenting this as an example of the horn makers art, far from it. But a few weeks ago while antiquing with my wife I came across a little powder horn, or what was left of it. But it had a nice patina and a size that would make a nice day horn for a long walk in the woods. So, I bought...
  5. TDM

    Buffalo Spit

    I'm curious, does anybody remember or used "Buffalo Spit" lube. DGW sold it in the 70's to early 80's. I still have an old bottle somewhere. It worked well, but I've never seen or heard if it since.
  6. TDM

    Mods on a New Pietta 1851

    Purchased a new Pietta 1851 .36 Navy a month or so ago and finished the work on it last week. Its an all steel frame, brass trigger and hand guard model. But it came with checkered polymer grips! Which had to go!
  7. TDM

    Investarms Gemmer Hawken build

    This is a .50 flintlock that I started about 3 months ago and finished 3 weeks ago. Bought the kit from and I watched the "I love muzzleloading" YouTube series on his build before and during mine. I replaced the Investarms lock with a L&R RPL lock. I used Laurel Mountain Forge...
  8. TDM

    #11 Caps at Sportsmans Warehouse

    After checking online, which showed CCI #11's in stock, I drove to there to see. And yes they did, must have had 30 tins hanging up for $5.99 per can, and no limit. I only bought six and another old guy like me I was visiting with bought 4. So there were plenty left at this particular store...
  9. TDM

    New member from Louisiana

    I'm a little late with my introduction, grown very lazy in retirement. I started shooting BP in 1981, stayed active with it a few years, then only occasionally. Back then I bought a TC Renegade in .50 and a TC New Englander. Both of which I still have. Acquired a number of cap & ball revolvers...