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  1. woodsnwater

    Help with Ballistol

    What finish was used on the fowler?
  2. woodsnwater

    Interesting Video on Gun Building

    Sorry for the bad info, thanks for clearing that up. I'm sure he'll be glad to know it. lol
  3. woodsnwater

    Interesting Video on Gun Building A little back story on Mr. Gusler.
  4. woodsnwater

    Flintlock porn

    WOW! I like it.
  5. woodsnwater

    Interesting Video on Gun Building

    Mr. Gusler passed this past April. I hope he passed those skills on to someone.
  6. woodsnwater

    .40 Caliber Kiblef?

    Jim, can you give us a hint what the fowler will look like? Are you basing it off an original?
  7. woodsnwater

    Rws 1075 caps

    When I had this problem it was crud in the fire channel that leads from the nipple to the breech. I would get 3 shots and the nipple would clog up. Water wouldn't get it out, I had to use a pipe cleaner.
  8. woodsnwater

    My first flintlock is completed

    Mine has been completed for a couple months and I still pull it out of the case a couple of times a week just to admire it.
  9. woodsnwater

    New Pietta"s cap size

    And stay off my grass! I never thought about peening them open until they fit. Thanks for the easy to get, free internet advice No second place.
  10. woodsnwater

    Muzzle filing to adjust POI

    Report back and let us know how it worked.
  11. woodsnwater

    FOR SALE Antique rifle for sale, $450.00

    I would have fell for that. I hate scammers!
  12. woodsnwater

    ¿ Help with Jim Kibler SMR kit ?

    I had never worked with wood until I started this kit and I think it turned out good. Have you watched Jim’s videos?
  13. woodsnwater

    New Pietta"s cap size

    Thank you.
  14. woodsnwater

    Squirrel Season 2022

    I'm waiting on the fowler to come out.
  15. woodsnwater

    New Pietta"s cap size

    I'm sorry if I've missed the answer but do the Treso and Slixshots fit the CCI #11"s snug?
  16. woodsnwater

    New Pietta"s cap size

    Which ones did you get? Did they fit #11's snug?
  17. woodsnwater

    Bear Hunt

    I've never hunted anywhere but the south, I bet having all those large predators around really turns up the volume on a hunt.
  18. woodsnwater

    Squirrel Season 2022

    Jim K, I really like the pattern on your stock in the tang area. It reminds me of something... A brook trout maybe.
  19. woodsnwater

    New Pietta"s cap size

    Just seems odd that neither fits well. Do they have a metric cap size in Italy? Half joking here.