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  1. ILoveMuzzleloading

    The only rifle in American history with a family connection to David Crockett | Tour with Greg Murry

    Today we're at Greg Murry's Crockett Longrifle Project display at the 2022 Contemporary Longrifle Association show. Greg has spent 30 years researching, documenting and saving the history of the Crockett family's longrifle building career. The Forge Seat Rifle Shop ran from 1808 - 1826 and was...
  2. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Gunmakers Fair at Kempton Event Tour

    The “Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair” created a legacy in Eastern Pennsylvania nearly 40 years ago. In 2020 the Dixon Family announced they would not be able to host the fair anymore, leaving a hole in the muzzle loading community of the area. Shortly after this announcement, representatives from the...
  3. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Original Full Stock Hawken

    Today we're checking out an original full stock Hawken rifle. While we know Jacob and Samuel made a few full stock "Hawkens" during their time in St. Louis, this rifle by their younger brother William is connected more with its Eastern roots. William Hawken (1798-1885) was the fifth son of...
  4. ILoveMuzzleloading

    A JP Beck Smooth Rifle (Possibly early?)

    I’m intrigued by this piece and hope maybe you are too, do you think this is an early Beck? Or does it even matter?
  5. ILoveMuzzleloading

    “The Killer of Wolves” Folding Stock Flintlock Blunderbuss

    I’ve not seen many like this one before, this original flintlock blunderbuss is the great grandfather of the modern folding stocked shotgun, but with more style. Much like in the Western US in the early 20th century, Wolves were hunted to near extinction in Italy by the mid 1800s. Muzzleloaders...
  6. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Ornate Brass Barreled Flintlock Jaeger

    Like many of you, I am a big fan of Jaeger Rifles. The short profile makes it an interesting section of muzzleloading history in a world dominated by long-barreled muskets and rifles. These tight twist stalking rifles made a name for themselves in the hands of Germans hunting for sustenance and...
  7. ILoveMuzzleloading

    2022 Kalamazoo Living History Show Event Tour

    After a difficult 2 year hiatus due to Michigan’s restrictions of large events and gathers the Kalamazoo Living History show returned in 2022 with the roar of a big crowd, rivaling pre-COVID attendance numbers. The Kalamazoo Living History show is the largest indoor muzzleloading/living...
  8. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Fighting off the cabin fever

    Learn more about the challenge at Today I'm out with my friend Barry and my father Mike and we're shooting the Cabin Fever Challenge. For those of you unfamiliar, the cabin fever challenge was started by “rifle chair” as a way for shooting sports enthusiasts to get out in mid...
  9. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Now THIS is a pistol.

    Manufactured by Henry Morrill, Silas Mosman and Charles Blair of Amherst, Massachusetts, c. 1837. This unusual weapon combines a boxlock percussion pistol with a Bowie type knife blade. The pistol is smaller than the U.S. Navy Elgin Cutlass Pistol manufactured by C.B. Allen of Springfield...
  10. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Revolutionary War Era German Flintlock Jaeger Rifle | Rare Original Hessian Muzzleloader

    Did this Jaeger see Hessian Use during the American Revolutionary War? It's a question many of us are left wondering after seeing this piece in person. It has all the attributes, even a rarely seen sword-bayonet mount at the muzzle. If only this rifle could talk... This German Jaeger rifle is...
  11. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Over the Log (Chunk) Muzzleloading Match | Wes Hartley Memorial Shoot 2021

    Today we're on the road to one of the longest running muzzleloading matches in the country, the Wes Hartley Memorial Over-the-Log muzzleloading match. This match is the very definition of small town American muzzleloading and represents the kind of unity we need as muzzleloading enthusiasts...
  12. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Building an Investarms Gemmer Hawken Kit

    Today we're officially starting our Investarms Gemmer Hawken Kit building series. This series will cover the construction of this muzzleloader kit, the tools needed, and several different processes of wood finishing and metal finishing. In this video, we're unboxing the kit to get a detailed...
  13. ILoveMuzzleloading

    ‘Master of Castles’ wheellock pistol

    Muzzleloaders are often the canvas an artist uses to tell a story. This ornate wheel lock muzzleloading pistol is no exception. Attributed to the "Master of Castles", an elusive artist or group of artists working during the 16th-17th centuries, this muzzleloader tells the story of a hunter and...
  14. ILoveMuzzleloading

    Original Johann Springer Match Pistols

    Muzzleloading match pistols are near and dear to my heart, and these Springer Target Pistols from the 19th century are some of the best I've ever seen.
  15. ILoveMuzzleloading

    George Moller's 17th Century French Matchlock Musket

    Today we're taking a look at one of the oldest muzzleloaders, and ignition technologies for muzzleloaders ever built. There's really not much older than the matchlock. This French example of a matchlock represents everything known about matchlock muskets from the 1600s and even farther back...
  16. ILoveMuzzleloading

    An odd flintlock smoothbore muzzleloader | Hans Jacob Honaker Attributed American Longrifle | RIA

    This muzzleloader has been featured in books and magazines since its contemporary discovery in the 1900s. From Shumway to Gusler, writers and historians have noted this flintlock smoothbore's interesting design elements as a step away from the norm for late 18th century muzzleloader building...