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  1. woodsnwater

    New Pietta"s cap size

    I have 2 new Pietta's (1851 & 1860) that #10 caps won't even go on and #11's fit loose. What's up? Both caps are CCI"s.
  2. woodsnwater

    If you just ordered a pietta

    Take the loading lever apart and debur it before you use it, or you will end up like me.
  3. woodsnwater

    WANTED Colt 1860 8" 44, steel frame

    You can have a brand new one delivered for $300. I would like a lightly used one for $200. If you have a good one made after 2000, (cnc made) you want to get rid of, please PM me.
  4. woodsnwater

    Finally shot the Kibler

    I’ve had this .40 completed for a while now and just took the time to shoot it. It never failed to fire even though the fouling was turning to soup with all the humidity. It patterned well but a little low so I filed the sight and brought it up. I’ve got a .32 barrel ready to put on and I hope...
  5. woodsnwater

    Muzzle decorations

    I'm finishing a .32 barrel for my SMR and was considering putting some dimples on the end of the muzzle. Would it be as simple as using a center punch? Post up some pics of what y'all have done.
  6. woodsnwater

    Revolver timing

    I watched a video of a guy who said his colt was out of time because the bolt didn't pop up into the slot in the cylinder the instant the hammer reached the full cock detent in the sear. Is that what being in time means? Seems like a lot to ask of this old design.
  7. woodsnwater

    1858 New Army

    Picked one up this weekend and can't see a brand name on it anywhere. It's imported by Dixie Gun Works. I would like to know the maker and age. Can I tell that by the serial number?
  8. woodsnwater

    Bifocal safety glasses

    They make these with the bifocal on top or bottom of the lens. I'm thinking about ordering a pair so I can see my iron sights, but I don't know which would be best for hunting. Does anyone here use these for hunting?
  9. woodsnwater


    Got my SMR yesterday. Less than one month from the day I ordered it! I was expecting it to take a few months. I’ve never seen one in person and have to say it is slimmer, more petite than I thought it would be. I love it.
  10. woodsnwater

    Flintlock porn

  11. woodsnwater

    FYI Bobby Hoyt

    He has been swamped with work and is over a year out on turn around time.
  12. woodsnwater

    Shooting way low!

    My flint .45 is shooting a foot and a half low and six inches to the left at twenty five yards with 25 grains of fffg and a tight prb. I shot it with 40 grains and it came up just over an inch. It’s a early pedersoli. These are the rear sights I’m having to use to get on target. The front sight...
  13. woodsnwater

    What do I have here?

    I just bought this pendersoli Kentucky from a member here. I was expecting a threaded vent liner and a patent breech but I get this. And the breech seems to be traditional/ standard.
  14. woodsnwater

    .32 shooters

    How many shots do you get before your accuracy falls off? I started getting a couple flyers after 6 shots with no swabbing between.
  15. woodsnwater

    WANTED Marbles Bullseye peep sight, long. #006951

    I want the 2-3/4" version and of course they are sold out everywhere I know to look.
  16. woodsnwater

    Clogged nipple

    I'm new so I have a lot to learn. I have a Traditions Crockett 32, using Pyrodex P FFF with a #10 or 11 cap. My problem is my nipple is getting clogged quick. If I wait 3 shots I have to use the #11 caps just to make it go off without hang firing, and you can't even force the pick through at...