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  1. BillinOregon

    Long Range Muzzle Loading at Bisley (UK)

    David, thank you for your enthusiasm and tireless efforts to share match results and encourage more LRML shooters. I continue to be amazed by what a good shot can do with the .577 Enfield and properly fitted bullet. I can't recall, but you are shooting an original with 1:48 twist, aren't you? If...
  2. BillinOregon

    Underhammer Buggy Rifle

    One of these has been on my list since forever. I blame the old Gun Digests and Ned Roberts's "The Muzzleloading Caolock Rifle." Eager to hear how she shoots once you have a proper mold for it.
  3. BillinOregon

    SOLD J. Wilson, Sheffield skinning knife

    On hold until late June, when I have moved to Texas and unpacked. Sorry fellas.
  4. BillinOregon

    SOLD Stovepipe boots

    SPF gentlemen and ladies.
  5. BillinOregon

    SOLD Stovepipe boots

    Price and id tag added.
  6. BillinOregon

    SOLD J. Wilson, Sheffield skinning knife

    Dave, sorry and will comply. For some reason I thought that only applied to the firearms. Does this apply in the cooking/clothing crafts section as well?
  7. BillinOregon

    SOLD Two-fer: a rifleman's knife blade and a linen haversack

    Kinda thought these items went together pretty well as they date to the mid-late 1700s. The blade is of the "Ticonderoga" pattern, forged from what seems to be good carbon steel. The blade is 9 1/2 inches and the tang is about 4 1/4, rounded at the end for peening or for threading. A few years...
  8. BillinOregon

    SOLD Inkle loom, book, yarn

    In response to a PMed question, this loom can produce a sash or strap up to 94 inches in length, per the instructions and specifications described in the Bress book, from which I copied the plans.
  9. BillinOregon

    SOLD Stovepipe boots

    These fit in only at the very end of our periods here -- the Plains period and the Civil War, but they would not be out of place worn by a plainsman -- or soldier -- driving a wagon or riding a horse in the 1860s. They are very nicely made, fully lined 16-inch stovepipe boots made by Boulet in...
  10. BillinOregon

    SOLD Inkle loom, book, yarn

    Straps for powder horns, possibles bags; sashes to go with hunting shirts, "open before"; garters for breeches, that sort of thing. It is an updated design of the ancient tape loom.
  11. BillinOregon

    John Work Journal- how crazy is this

    It has been so long since I read any of John Work's journals that I have forgotten most of the content, but recall being impressed. Having lived most of my life in Oregon, the Beaver State, so much of this was made real by knowing the terrain he covered. Another interesting work is Jeff...
  12. BillinOregon

    SOLD J. Wilson, Sheffield skinning knife

    Here is a classic from the cutlery shop of John Wilson, Sycamore Street, Sheffield, England. It is in very useable condition, and that patina is the real deal, as I believe this one dates to the 1890s (when President McKinley ordered that all imported goods bear a mark stating country of...
  13. BillinOregon

    SOLD Two brain-tanned deer hides

    Two more hides from one of my craft boxes. They are a nice size and weight, and could be made into leggings or many other projects. i hesitate to give square footage, but you can get a pretty good idea going by the yardsticks. Asking $60 plus $15 for USPS priorty shipping.
  14. BillinOregon

    SOLD Inkle loom, book, yarn

    I built this inkle loom mostly of oak using the directions in Helene Bress's "Bible" on the subject, "Inkle Weaving." It is stoutly built with glue and screws -- in America, by an American. :p Along with the loom you get Helene's book, several hanks of yarn and a shuttle. Asking $120 shipped...