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  1. sourdough

    Centaur Centennial Arms 1960 New Army Picture thread .

    That would be quite a find. I wish you muck luck.
  2. sourdough

    Question about value of pair of 58 Rems

    If you think that, you are looking at an offering that is probably almost 18 months old, and it is no doubt out of stock/unavailable. The Italian factories started shutting down over a year ago due to the Italian Government lockdowns, and production has been very sparse to nil. And you will be...
  3. sourdough

    Centaur Centennial Arms 1960 New Army Picture thread .

    Here is one I missed winning (not the high bid) at auction about 18 months ago. I have a thing for Colt Type 3 Shoulder stocks and full-fluted cylinders. More info on these revolvers: FROCS – Friends of the Centaure Society ( Warning: very photo heavy.
  4. sourdough

    Dragoon "wedge" tight

    2nd Gen Colts were produced as rough parts by Uberti (Italian) and finished by Colt stateside. Colt paid much more attention to the exterior finish than the internals. Uberti revolvers are notorious for having a poor arbor-to-arbor recess fit (to this day), wherein either the arbor is too short...
  5. sourdough

    Eli Whitney

    Agreed. IIRC, the tooling came from the Harper's Ferry armory and was transported to Richmond(?). It was then moved to the CSA armory in Georgia under the direction of Burton, who commanded the armory. The strange thing about the S&B revolvers is that the original contract with the CSA called...
  6. sourdough

    Largest caliber single shot pistol?

    Biggest Revolver Yet? A 10-Gauge Colt 1855... - YouTube
  7. sourdough

    Eli Whitney

    Spiller & Burr were entrepreneurs, while Burton (CSA) was the main impetus for the revolver to get it approved for the Confederate Government contract. The original contract for the CSA was supposed to be for 1851 Navy .36 copies, but when S&B bought out a rifle manufacturing company's revolver...
  8. sourdough

    Gun show prices

    It's because Uberti and Pietta have been making only a few since the pandemic began, and folks are digging them (along with older revolvers that are no longer being manufactured) out of their safes and closets and getting many more $$$ for them than they could have imagined 18+ months ago...
  9. sourdough

    Another Goonerized 1860 Army

    I wasn't aware that that an 1860 Army grip required a nut as it is one piece of wood held in by the trigger guard and the backstrap, unless you have some aftermarket two-piece grips. Regards, Jim
  10. sourdough

    Rogers & Spencer Shoulder Rig?

    You might contact this guy. Prototype Californian for the Rogers & Spencer | The High Road Regards, Jim
  11. sourdough

    Interchangeability of revolver parts

    Pietta 1851 Navy .36 4-screw CFS steel frame with a smooth non-engraved cylinder and a part round/part octagon barrel from a Pietta Griswold & Gunnison, Armi San Marco 1860 Army grip frame (trigger guard, backstrap, and wood) and an unidentified 1860 shoulder stock. Regards, Jim
  12. sourdough

    Rogers & Spencer Shoulder Rig?

    There is a guy on another forum who does excellent leather work. He needs a R&S specimen in order to create some holsters for said revolver, and I believe he copies real revolvers and creates molds with a 3D printer. Home | Leathersmith Mike Regards, Jim
  13. sourdough

    Dragoon Repro Help

    Your first problem is to remove the wedge. Guido the Italian gorilla was employed by a few Italian manufacturers. If you have not done so, use a brass punch to drive the wedge to the left and remove it. Having accomplished that, you need to put the revolver on half cock so that the rammer...
  14. sourdough

    Refinishing cap & ball revolver grips

    I have been using Tru-Oil for a long time. If that finish is too glossy for you and you desire a more satin-type finish, after the the application of the oil has dried/cured for 3-4 days use #0000 steel wool to knock down the high spots and then use an old piece of denim to polish it...
  15. sourdough

    This is insane...

    IMO, this would be the perfect time to do so. There is a want for these guns during the pandemic as supplies are low, and when it is "over" the Italian factories will surely be producing many of them, and when the supply is greater than the demand prices will surely go down. There are also many...
  16. sourdough

    This is insane...

    Oops! Oldtimer's disease! I totally concur. Jim
  17. sourdough

    This is insane...

    It is a Pietta.
  18. sourdough

    This is insane...

    No one is making them anymore, and what stock is left is mostly the Cavalry Model which is actually not preferred by many Paterson aficionados.
  19. sourdough

    Refinishing cap & ball revolver grips

    Yeah, I don't know what they use for stain. I have a Uberti Whitneyville Hartford Dragoon CT/2018 that has that color. I think they use some quarter sawn European hardwood as it definitely not walnut. The older Ubertis seem not to be as red. Looks very good! Now all you have to do is procure a...