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  1. BillinOregon

    SOLD Two-fer: a rifleman's knife blade and a linen haversack

    Kinda thought these items went together pretty well as they date to the mid-late 1700s. The blade is of the "Ticonderoga" pattern, forged from what seems to be good carbon steel. The blade is 9 1/2 inches and the tang is about 4 1/4, rounded at the end for peening or for threading. A few years...
  2. BillinOregon

    SOLD Stovepipe boots

    These fit in only at the very end of our periods here -- the Plains period and the Civil War, but they would not be out of place worn by a plainsman -- or soldier -- driving a wagon or riding a horse in the 1860s. They are very nicely made, fully lined 16-inch stovepipe boots made by Boulet in...
  3. BillinOregon

    SOLD J. Wilson, Sheffield skinning knife

    Here is a classic from the cutlery shop of John Wilson, Sycamore Street, Sheffield, England. It is in very useable condition, and that patina is the real deal, as I believe this one dates to the 1890s (when President McKinley ordered that all imported goods bear a mark stating country of...
  4. BillinOregon

    SOLD Two brain-tanned deer hides

    Two more hides from one of my craft boxes. They are a nice size and weight, and could be made into leggings or many other projects. i hesitate to give square footage, but you can get a pretty good idea going by the yardsticks. Asking $60 plus $15 for USPS priorty shipping.
  5. BillinOregon

    SOLD Inkle loom, book, yarn

    I built this inkle loom mostly of oak using the directions in Helene Bress's "Bible" on the subject, "Inkle Weaving." It is stoutly built with glue and screws -- in America, by an American. :p Along with the loom you get Helene's book, several hanks of yarn and a shuttle. Asking $120 shipped...
  6. BillinOregon

    SOLD Crazy Crow "German tan" hide

    Here's another nice piece of leather from my craft archives, a No. 2 grade 14 square foot hide of "german tan" leather that I bought some years back from Crazy Crow, which still describes as the closest thing to braintan, but better: "The great advantage of German Tan Buckskin over traditional...
  7. BillinOregon

    SOLD Elk hide shirt

    I bought a classic old chrome tanned elk hide a while back, and used the bigger part of it to make up this shirt. It's not fancy enough to be a "war shirt" but it does have an evocative look to it. We all learned back in the glory days of buckskinning 40-50 years ago that chrome tan was an...
  8. BillinOregon

    SOLD Hunting shirt, open before

    Here is another garment I got from a member here. I believe it to be cotton, but it is not canvas -- perhaps fustian? Anyway, wonderful to the touch and so light and comfortable you may not want to take it off. It is of course meant to be held closed by a sash or belt. I am 5'9" and the bottom...
  9. BillinOregon

    SOLD Fall front knee breeches

    I got this pair from a member here. They were originally more of a pink (see photo of my and my Aussie) , but I dyed them brown. They seem to be made of very soft cotton duck and are extremely comfortable. I am about 5'9" and they fit very nicely but would also fit a taller fellow. Label says...
  10. BillinOregon

    SOLD Fugawee trekkers

    Fugawee calls these their Colonial half-boot trekkers. This pair is very lightly worn. I actually walked up and down the gravel driveway a few times just to work a little grip into the otherwise slippery soles. Size 10D, $100 shipped.
  11. BillinOregon

    Speaking of lube, and making your own ...

    A friend makes his own traditional beeswax-and-mutton-tallow lube and his own "cartridge" boxes for cap-and-ball revolvers. I asked him where he got his tallow and he mentioned US Wellness Foods, adding that now is a great time to buy mutton tallow because they butcher a lot of lamb for Easter...
  12. BillinOregon

    SOLD Pete Allan percussion boxlock action

    This is the larger of the two Pete Allan cast boxlocks and very suitable for building a big-bore percussion hunting rifle. We are talking 10 bore or even larger; the breech plug is .875 in diameter. Weight about 2 1/2 pounds. While the action obviously needs polishing, the trigger is...
  13. BillinOregon

    SOLD Bess bayonet

    It is in good shape with some nice patina, stamped "INDIA". Even if you lack a Bess, imagine what your inner Cub Scout will say when he roasts a marshmallow on the tip of this thing. :) Asking $25 and $20 shipping.
  14. BillinOregon

    The late Bob Wyant and his Billinghurst rifles

    In a thread on the American Long Rifle forums about Bill Moody's barrels, I mentioned Bob Wyant, who sent me a letter on Jan. 14, 2002, describing the Billinghurst-inspired target rifles he was building using Moody barrels fitted with false starters. I "met" Bob here on the Muzzleloading Forum...
  15. BillinOregon

    SOLD MFT Volume One -- Firearms of the Fur Trade

    Bought this one from the Museum of the Fur Trade in Chadron, NE, a while back. It is in excellent condition and inscribed (to me) by the author. $100 shipped. This would make a memorable Christmas gift.
  16. BillinOregon

    Straight from Hodgdon corporate

    Fellas, FYI, I sent this letter on 29 September: Dear Hodgdon: I read with dismay the announcement yesterday that you plan to end production and close the Goex black powder plant by the end of this year. It is painful to see the last domestic manufacturer of sporting-grade black powder leave...
  17. BillinOregon

    SOLD Dixie Gun Works Black Powder annuals

    I need to find a good home for these 21 issues, 1985 through 2006, and missing the 1986 issue. I have spent hundreds of hours reading and re-reading the articles in these annuals on history, hunting and the blackpowder firearms of our American heritage, written by such authorities as Wayne...
  18. BillinOregon

    SOLD Antique leather stitching clam

    Here is an antique stitching pony or "saddler's clam" in useable shape. The jaws are 30 inches long and 4 5/8 inches wide and attached with a butt hinge on the lower end, and the jaws tightened by a bolt and wingnut. On one end you will note a name, perhaps E.W. Fisher, some initials and some...
  19. BillinOregon

    Use of the hunting sword

    I was admiring the very handsome Elijah Froedge hunting sword in the classifieds and got to wondering just how useful these might have been when they were popular, and what one might use one for today. The aforementioned sword has a 17-inch blade and a stag handle, and comes with a baldric to...
  20. BillinOregon

    SOLD Shotgun wads

    I have a bunch of opened bags of 11 gauge shotgun wads with just a few wads missing from each bag. Circle Fly unlubed and Ox-yoke lubed 1/2-inch fiber wads, 1/8-inch over powder card wads and thin overshot wads (in 11 and 10 gauge) for a tight fit. I have found in the past that an 11-gauge wad...