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    Any ideas ??CA??? BROS knife

    IMO the distinctive handle riveting pattern is exactly like the pattern used by the Nichols Bros of Greenfield, Mass in the mid-late 1800's.
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    Re-acquired muzzleloader

    . If it's an Investarm, the barrel should be stamped somewhere with Investarm's "maker's mark" ( the letter I ). .
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    Wooden Knife Sheath?

    I have two knives with wooden sheaths, a Nordic custom that the maker also made the sheath for, and one I made.
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    .54 Caliber T/C Hawken Question

    IME, since pure lead is used, I would think that just about any ".54cal" conicals would work out OK I use .54cal T/C Maxi-Hunter's in my T/C Renegade (same bbl as the Hawken) - they are 435gr, and have worked just nice on everything I hit with them. I would suppose that the T/C .54cal molds...
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    T/C Seneca unfired 36

    FWIW, I sold my pristine .36 unmarked Seneca in a gun auction last Spring for $650
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    Musket Barrel Covers?

    Someone's take on tampions - a muzzle plug to keep unwanted matter out of the barrel.
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    Game Keepers

    My game carrier from L.L.Bean is a little different, not having a (noisy ?) rings - and it's carried via slipping one half through a belt. The straps have a slit near the ends, which are manipulated as above to make a noose.
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    Spiral Horn

    WOW ! ! I've never seen anything like that before - wonderful idea, AND workmanship ! CONGRATS !
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    New Knife

    There's just something about the long hunter pattern that attracts me.
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    Knife sheath

    Appropos of nothing, I like this type of sheath, which is simply thrust under the waistband - the stud prevents it from going too deep/through.
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    Traditional finish for war club

    Dried blood, etc...…. :D
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    Help Requested on JM Davis Auction

    ALWAYS check if an old muzzleloader is still loaded ! ! Below the patch that was blocking the bore, there could still be a charge, just waiting to ignite. I check via running a ramrod downbore until it stops, then marking the rod at the muzzle. The marked ramrod is then laid alongside the...
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    Made a New Powder Horn

    I would suggest at least trying - after all, that's how many folks learn to do things.
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    There's many different Schrade Walden knives on E-Bay:
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    36 cal Navy ball?

    AFAIK, 36cal rifles usually use a .350" patched round ball; but 36cal C&B revolvers have a larger bore & generally use a .375" round ball.
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    Gifted rifle.

    Is that an H. Elwell Warranted Lock ? If so, then the lock is a bit older than the barrel date, say 1820-1840. Henry Elwell was an English lockmaker - one of many who supplied locks to the American gun trade for the guns they were building.
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    Gifted rifle.

    Percussion caps became available in 1820, and the muzzle is dated 1863. That rifling is called "Kentucky Wide Shallow" rifling. Original antique muzzleloaders were made by individual gunsmiths or small manufacturing concerns, usually prior to the era of mass production, but sometimes well into...
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    Shipping a Muzzleloader?

    Actually, I've mailed (USPS) several different muzzleloading long guns w/o damage via dismounting the barrel, then bubble wrapping the bbl and the stock separately - then mailing them in a delta-shaped tube (available FREE from USPS). One a couple, I had the remove & wrap the hammer so the...
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    Shipping a Muzzleloader?

    Not quite...………………….. Muzzleloaders can be shipped anywhere (period) w/o any comebacks on the seller. It's incumbent upon the BUYER to know and observe the law(s) in their city/state of residence, and not the seller.