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  1. Bearkiller

    Show me your fowlers

    Original 1850's English 16 ga
  2. Bearkiller

    Drums Along the Mohawk

    I'm watching it right now. Seen it dozens of time since I was a child. Don't know how PC it is but it's a great movie a real classic.
  3. Bearkiller

    Tennessee rifle

    I have two Tennessee rifles one flint one cap they're both good shooters very light weight and handy.
  4. Bearkiller

    Touch hole liner

    They come in different sizes. Pedersoli takes a M8-1.25 thread. Is there something wrong with the one you have?
  5. Bearkiller

    Lyman Trade Rifle / GPR

    I don't know...I have 3 rifles with set triggers and I prefer the simplicity of the single trigger on my Trade Rifle. I shouldered a GPR once and found it to be muzzle heavy so went with the Trade Rifle instead.
  6. Bearkiller

    who all likes the carbines?

    I have 4 rifles with 24" barrels and one 28"er so yeah I guess I'm into carbines!
  7. Bearkiller

    Unique Cases- musket case

    Here you go
  8. Bearkiller

    16 gauge

    WOW! You guys are great! Thanks for all the info now my gun has history. Haven't shot it in 30 years but I hope to do so soon.
  9. Bearkiller

    16 gauge

    :ThankYou: When I tried to do a google search on Thomas Phillips percussion I got a bunch of drummers :dunno:
  10. Bearkiller

    16 gauge

    I friend gave this to me about 30 years ago just dug it out of the closet any idea where and when this was built?
  11. Bearkiller

    Flintlock Winter Woods, Montana

    Another great video! Really enjoyed the music! Well done!
  12. Bearkiller

    Newbie needs advice with first muzzle stuffer rifle

    I just figured out who you are! Only took me 6 years to do it....
  13. Bearkiller

    Newbie needs advice with first muzzle stuffer rifle

    Hey JP welcome to the forum! Hell of a deal on that rifle. I found this page
  14. Bearkiller

    What is up with Track of the Wolf ?

    It's kinda weird I was about to buy a rifle from Cabela's and their checkout function is down. Then I go to Track's to look for a proper length Creedmoor rod and balls for the new rifle and their entire site is down. Must be a sign not to buy that new rifle.....
  15. Bearkiller

    Cleaning Rod/Range Rod

    All my rifles have synthetic ramrods. I have one aluminum, one delrin and two Creedmoor range rods. The Creedmoor's are my favorite rods to use and the supplied bore guide protects the bore.
  16. Bearkiller

    New t shirt

    Yeah I found a couple on Amazon I got for Christmas
  17. Bearkiller

    Newbie question about priming

    Yep the old timers simply used their powder horn to prime from. Priming flasks and primer horns are more of a modern conveyance. I use a small horn to prime from that has a 3 grain spout.
  18. Bearkiller

    Powder Horn Sources?

    Track of the Wolf is where I got mine they have a good selection of horns.
  19. Bearkiller


    I got a 29" range rod from TotW
  20. Bearkiller


    Well out of the 16,000 folks on here I'm probably the only one that uses M-Pro 7 gun cleaner. All my guns have removable barrels so cleaning is a breeze. I use Ballistol to protect the bores and lube the lock internals then RIG on the outside metal. Simple yet effective.