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  1. Flint Lockman

    FOR SALE Small Scrimshawed Horn

    Howdy. Here I have a small horn measuring approx. 8” in length. The tip has a few hairline cracks that could use a dab of glue or your preferred method of repair. I will add a photo of this when I get the chance. Other than that I see no reason this wouldn’t hold powder. I have not filled it...
  2. Flint Lockman

    FOR SALE Leather Womens Fringe Jacket

    Howdy all, up for your consideration is this Cabela’s leather womens jacket. I would imagine it to be cowhide. Great condition, I can’t find any wear and tear on it. My grandmother takes good care of her things. I’m open to reasonable cash offers as I’m not sure what price to put on it. More so...
  3. Flint Lockman

    Horn Identification

    Howdy all, I’m guessing this is a one off but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask. Can anyone provide info about this horn? The area scribed on the horn appears to be Mississippi. About 7” in length. May come up for sale/trade soon, any ideas on worth? Thanks.
  4. Flint Lockman

    New Member

    Howdy from New Mexico, fairly new to the BP game. This looks like a good place to learn, ask questions and buy/sell. I look forward to talking with you all!