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    Jim Kibler Woodsrunner

    How doesthe Woodsrunner compare to an Isaac Haines rifle ? Are they similar, kind of ?
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    Northwoods Muzzleloader Camp

    I'm kind of procrastinating while washing my filthy truck camper and thought I'd talk about annual whitetail deer hunting in Wisonsin's North Woods. The remote cabin belongs to a good friend, located about 30 miles SW of Chequamegon Bay (Lake Superior). The crew varies a bit year to year and we...
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    Lubricating a Maxi Ball

    Greetings, Awhile back I purchased three bags of generic Maxi Balls that are bare, no lube. What is a good, cost effective lubricant to apply to this bullet? It's an exact copy of the T/C Maxi Ball, which has been discontinued for awhile now. I'm about out of my factory conicals and will need...
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    Jim Kibler : Open House

    I was browsing the new Muzzleloader magazine and read a full page add that Jim Kibler is hosting an open house (guided tours, wood samples, wood seconds, etc) in late June (Fri, June 24th : 10-7) (Sat, June 25th : 10-5) Would love to check this out, BUT, unfortunately it's a bit too far to make...
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    Magazine Article

    FWIW, in the new (current) Fur Fish and Game magazine is an article (page 44) of a fellow who built a Kibler 58 cal Colonial rifle with a smooth bore barrel. Speaks very highly of his flintlock quality and performance.
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    A builder's bench : tools, vises, etc

    I'm contemplating building a kit, likely a Jim Kibler rifle. For a novice such as myself, what tools and vise(s) do you recommend ?
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    Rifle barrel quality by Barrel Makers

    I am reading about & studying the various flintlock rifle kits and I am considering taking a walk on the wild side and building a rifle myself. Whatever I choose, I'm looking at a swamped barrel for sure. My question ; Is there really much difference in barrel quality, accuracy, etc., between...
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    It has been awhile..

    Greetings, I've wandered back in here after a time away. This forum has been redesigned, I see I'm a pilgrim although I believe I joined fifteen (or so) years ago. Anyway, I built a Lyman 54 cal GPR back around 1985, hunt with it during the WI muzzleloading season every year. Enjoy burning...