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  1. sb 54 cal.

    Finally Finished

    I'm another one that bought a Traditions Kentucky Kit. I have been working on it since before Christmas but now I think I have it like I want it. I got rid of brass spacer and formed a piece of steel to help blend in stock pieces. Browned the barrel with BC Plum brown and used Fiebing's medium...
  2. sb 54 cal.

    No pic

    Didn't get a picture due to weather but did get a nice doe with my cva mountain rifle that I converted to flint. Hunting the Missouri alternative weapons season is a little harder unless you have access to good food sources.
  3. sb 54 cal.

    Got lucky today

    Got a jake this morning 10 yards shot skychief load about 28 ga. Flintlock. Then found about 20 morels and caught a few crappie. We are feasting tomorrow night. Good luck everybody.
  4. sb 54 cal.

    1.5f powder

    Can you use 1.5f powder in the place of 2f powder. Looking a grafs again and they are sold out of 2f and 3f.
  5. sb 54 cal.

    What Ball for 16 ga.

    I am looking @ a 16 ga. trade gun with a26 inch barrel. What is a good round ball size to try. I have a 28 ga. I shoot with wad and bare ball with good accuracy to 40 yards and am thinking on trying that if I get the gun. Thanks
  6. sb 54 cal.

    SOLD Traditions 50 Penn.

    Traditions Penn. 50 cal. cap lock new condition $400 with shipping and insurance.
  7. sb 54 cal.

    What trigger to put in lyman deerstalker

    Have a lyman deerstalker I have redone and need a different trigger. The factory trigger is not what I really want. Any ideas?
  8. sb 54 cal.

    First Bird w/smooth rifle

    2016 Bird with 28 ga. smooth rifle.
  9. sb 54 cal.


    Was wondering if a lyman gpr rifle double set triggers work in a lyman deer stalker. Thanks Pappy
  10. sb 54 cal.

    Managed deer hunt

    Will be going on a managed doe hunt next weekend @ Babbler state park in St.Louis county (Missouri). Is anyone else from the area going to be there? Pappy
  11. sb 54 cal.

    Bumblin Bear Grease

    Has anyone tried this (Bumblin Bear Grease) patch lube from October Country?
  12. sb 54 cal.

    .40 cal

    For those that shoot .40 cal. what are your thoughts using it for whitetail deer and smaller.
  13. sb 54 cal.

    Need someone to jug choke a 28 ga.

    Wanting to jug choke my .54 smooth rifle. Does anyone know of someone to do this. It is a 15/16 rice barrel with .540 bore. Caywood's web sight says that he does 20 ga. and up. Thanks for any help. Pappy :)
  14. sb 54 cal.

    fowler question

    Was wondering if a fowler can have a straight octagon barrel or not. :confused:
  15. sb 54 cal.

    Sitting Fox

    Looking at Sitting Fox Northwest trade gun # K40.Has Anyone on here had one was looking at completed gun from them. Thanks Pappy
  16. sb 54 cal.

    Sitting Fox

    Looking at Sitting Fox Northwest trade gun # K40.Has Anyone on here had one was looking at completed gun from them. Thanks Pappy
  17. sb 54 cal.

    28 ga. for Turkey

    Want to inprove shot density on a 28 ga. smooth rifle to use for Turkey. 15 to 20 yard max. kill range. Any load info would sure help. Pappy :confused:
  18. sb 54 cal.

    avatar photo

    I am having trouble getting my photo loaded for avatar. Can someone point me in the right direction thanks Pappy
  19. sb 54 cal.

    Pedersoli question

    Ordered a pedersoli Kentucky 54 in percussion but was wondering if any one knows if there is a drop in flintlock conversion from one other lock makers for an upgrade. Thanks Pappy :confused:
  20. sb 54 cal.


    First deer with 54 smoothbore flintlock. Was a lyman deerstaker but changed to a 54 smoothbore rice barrel and a few other changes. LOVE This gun. Now on to spring Turkeys.