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  1. gunpa

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Got my Bobby Hoyt barreled New Englander out again today . Cut my powder charge from 80 grains to 70. 10 shots at 50 yards. Getting closer to my happy place!
  2. gunpa

    Double dose.

    Yes I have and only got a sore shoulder----- and lousy accuracy!
  3. gunpa

    A little different ROA

    Be sure and tell us how she shoots! Looks great!👍
  4. gunpa

    Hunting in the rain

    Don't forget to cover the muzzle.
  5. gunpa

    The did you ever thread......

    Got home after last day of the elk season. Next day I remember my 54 is still loaded, no problem. I take out nipple and blow the charge out with rubber tipped nozzle. Conical and LOTS of powder fly out. Continue to blow high pressure air and thump on barrel. Empty. Take rifle downstairs to gun...
  6. gunpa

    Successful fall hunting

    You did great! Opposite of my usual hunts.🤔
  7. gunpa

    Thompson Center Ram Rod Retaining Spring Fixes

    I've used wood, fiberglass and aluminum and ramrods stay put. No problem with spring until I bend one and it breaks. They last decades. Ramrod never comes out except for hunting so that's not much use. Range rods for target and plinking.
  8. gunpa

    do loaded minnie balls move

    The old No Excuses 535 grain conicals basically slip down the barrel of my 54 the lube helps hold them though. My hand cast minies are even looser so I might have to try a little paper patching. They don't shoot well at all.
  9. gunpa

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Shot my Dixie Hawken and Bobby Hoyt rebarreled New Englander. Hawken did fine but zero went to the right on New Englander. It's done this twice now. Driving me nuts!
  10. gunpa


    Guess I'm weird, I like the smell!😊
  11. gunpa

    Drew a PA elk tag, gonna need a ton o’ practice 😳

    Idaho, Wyoming and Montana donated elk to go East many years ago. Glad they like it there. Go get em! Good luck!😊
  12. gunpa

    Lunch for Lead

    That really was a kind thing to do. A heavy payoff in lead and a happy payoff for the hearts of all!😍
  13. gunpa

    Classic muzzleloader photos.

    Long dry spell since this. Near Salmon Idaho.
  14. gunpa

    Nice little auction haul today, a pair of old TCs

    You really did well! Hard to beat and old TC !👍
  15. gunpa

    Hi from South Wales UK

    Welcome from Idaho USA!
  16. gunpa

    New member from Queensland Australia.

    Welcome from Idaho Mate!😊
  17. gunpa

    Lee REAL bullet lube issue

    Doesn't anybody use Lee liquid alox but me? It goes hand in hand with REAL bullets. It's so easy to use it's unbelievable!😳
  18. gunpa

    Lee R.E.A.L. bullets undersized ?

    Get yourself a bottle of Lee liquid alox. Read up on it. Easy peasy and works great. I've used it on Lee REALS for years. Love it.👍
  19. gunpa

    WITHDRAWN Hawken

    TC quality is better. Even if you need to relined the barrel.
  20. gunpa

    Lee Reel Bullet lube

    I just roll in a bottle with Lee liquid alox. Works great after drying. No leading at all.