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  1. gunpa

    Bobby Hoyt barrel.

    I got a nice surprise from the mail man today. My relined original New Englander barrel looks great. Can't wait to go test it when the weather calms down. Bobby did great work!
  2. gunpa

    Anybody done this? Probably

    My new Dixie 54 Hawken is still occasionally shredding patches. 60 grains of 2f T7 with .18 pillowticking. Certainly not too much powder. I noticed I can see some fine machine marks on the lands. Thinking about lubing some patches with JB bore paste and shooting a few with RB's. Think it'll help?
  3. gunpa

    Dixie disappointment

    Got my new in the box Dixie Hawken Friday. Spent all day Saturday trying to make it work. Lock screw is tight against trigger base when snug----- not overnighted. Pulling front trigger 1/2 inch take up then about 15# pressure would drop hammer. After adjusting set triggers for a perfect pull the...
  4. gunpa

    I pulled the trigger. Hope I did'nt screw up!

    I gave up on the Lyman Trade rifle but was perusing through Dixie's site and found a 54 cal Dixie Hawken by Investarms. I showed it to my wife and casually mentioned this rifle has doubled set triggers, that's what I prefer. And it's in stock for the same price. I just about took a header when...
  5. gunpa

    Lyman Trade rifle

    Has anyone had experience with this rifle? Track has them available, on backorder. The price is right. 54 cal 1/48 . Appreciate any info. gunpa
  6. gunpa

    Duro felt

    I bought some of this stuff but it's been winter at my shootin spot too long and I haven't been out for way too long. The company promises better groups, especially for problem barrels and I've got one. My 1/48 54 shoots PRBs pretty good but doesn't like minnies or maxxies . Rifling looks good...
  7. gunpa

    Old guy newbie

    I joined about a week ago so the way I operate I'm just in time to say howdy to you good folks. I don't have a lot of smoke poles, a Remington New army 44, a TC 54 New Englander and one unmentionable that is just not as fun. I love my side hammer and love reading your posts. Left Montana 34...