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    How to seal powderhorn

    How about hide glue? It will seep down into the gaps and you can wipe the excess off with a damp rag. Repeat until gaps are filled.
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    I'm trying to make a few war clubs, but having a hard time finding a source for correct points and blades. Anyone here make them or know a source? Thanks in advance
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    Kibler Woodsman Rifle

    I ordered mine June 6th to have for a gun building class the first week of October. At that time, they said they should go out in time, but could not guarantee it. I have faith they will be going out soon.
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    The Classifieds and Covid.

    I'm glad it all worked out in your favor. I apologize, didn't mean to get your panties in a bunch.
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    The Classifieds and Covid.

    Let it go dude, already too much time wasted on this thread. Your money, your family, your decisions, rock on and I hope everything works out.
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    The Classifieds and Covid.

    I can see your concerns, my only point is that if money is so tight that a loss like a rifle would cause great harm to your family, why are you making the purchase in the first place?
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    New Guy - Nashville TN

    Welcome from Guntersville, Alabama. I'm also new to the BP world. Call Jim Parker at Calvary Longrifles in Warrior, Alabama.
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    New guy from Georgia.

    Welcome from N. Alabama
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    SOLD 4 horns

    If sale falls thru, give me a holler.
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    New Member Intro

    Welcome from N. Alabama
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    New Member

    Howdy from N. Alabama
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    My father passed away this morning

    Thoughts and prayers going out.
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    New Member, Alabama

    Hey Barry, thanks for the heads up. Where in Alabama are you?
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    Woodsrunner pre-orders

    $1130 if you get a standard stock, fancy stock is more.
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    Hail, friends....

    Hello from another newly added
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    New Member, Alabama

    Where are you located in Alabama?
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    Total newbie in N. Alabama

    Inherited a Springfield 1842 which sparked my interest, now I'm joining forums and got a kit on order to build. I can see myself bleeding money in the near future. Thanks for letting me in.