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    Good news and BAD news!

    Good luck down there !! I went through two typhoons (Pacific hurricanes) at sea many years ago. It's like being on a nasty carnival ride for 3 - 4 days.
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    My John Bergmann .54 Caliber Hawken

    I have seen one or more of John Bergman's guns in past TOTW catalogs. Very nice guns, definitely quality craftsmanship. Wish I lived closer to builders like him. Sorry to hear you weren't drawn for an elk tag. This will certainly give you time to fine tune your new 54 and have too much fun.
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    Long Range Glass Shooting Fun ( Updated ) ....

    Honorable reasons to let it fade away without any additional scrutiny or unmerited debate. Looking forward to your future videos. It would be nice if you would mosey on up here to Wisconsin and share a pot of coffee 😉
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    Long Range Glass Shooting Fun ( Updated ) ....

    This reminds me of "Where's Waldo?"
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    For the Love of Smoothbore Flintlocks

    What a line up of fine craftsmanship !
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    Last of the Mohicans??

    The scene where DDL and company are escaping, paddling away from the ambush. There's a real pretty ridgeline in the background, with a distinct bluff height. Where was this filmed ?
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    Jim Kibler Woodsrunner

    I pulled up Jim Chambers website and compared his "Isaac Haines" rifle to the Kibler "Woodsrunner". They seem a bit similar to my untrained eye, but...
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    Jim Kibler Woodsrunner

    How doesthe Woodsrunner compare to an Isaac Haines rifle ? Are they similar, kind of ?
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    Last of the Mohicans??

    Yep, all part of the fun here.
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    Some historical context concerning the Brown Bess musket

    Gettysburg, and other battlefields, is on my bucket list.
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    Last of the Mohicans??

    A Buffalo is an herbivore by nature. Your quote is a whimsical way to look at being a vegetarian, but kind of a "stretch".
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    Excessive Riflousis

    My wife says if I want "another/new" gun....fine, but you'll need to sell something you already have. So.......
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    Remember the T C Cherokee??

    Sounds to me like you should go buy a lotto today is your lucky day !
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    Lubricating a Maxi Ball

    Thanks for your replies. A neighbor keeps bees, so I'll talk to him about buying some beeswax.
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    Rook/Poachers Gun

    Interesting, thanks for answering my question. I'm aware of bird rookeries, I have never heard of a "rook gun" referenced in any discussions over many years. It's possible I wasn't listening, but I usually only do that with my other half 😉🙂
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    Rook/Poachers Gun

    So.....what's a rook ?
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    Northwoods Muzzleloader Camp

    Muzzleloader camp is usually 4 or 5 days of a 9 day season here. There's also a lot to be said for hunting solo. It's always a good idea to leave a note where you're hunting if possible, as "manure happens". Regardless, I don't venture any deeper in the woods than I can drag a deer. I enjoy my...
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    Northwoods Muzzleloader Camp

    Muzzleloader camp is a great time. We're all retired now, we know each other too well to tell any lies, talk awful smart, eat well, enjoy our woods walks. Surprisingly, we can all still shoot our iron sights pretty good and hit "minute of pie plate" @ 100 yds, usually a bit tighter than that.
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    Northwoods Muzzleloader Camp

    Years ago my family lost access to a pretty nice privately owned hunting area (a retired farm, owner died & widow sold the place). So, I acquired a 12 x 14 canvas wall tent, stove, etc, and started a family deer camp in the North Woods. After three years, everyone walked away from it, too much...
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    Northwoods Muzzleloader Camp

    I'm kind of procrastinating while washing my filthy truck camper and thought I'd talk about annual whitetail deer hunting in Wisonsin's North Woods. The remote cabin belongs to a good friend, located about 30 miles SW of Chequamegon Bay (Lake Superior). The crew varies a bit year to year and we...