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  1. tom mesa

    New toy box !

    I measured wrong ,now thenew box won't fit in my truck. Guess I need a long bed .
  2. tom mesa

    Another new one from Wisconsin

    Welcome from Mesa, Az.
  3. tom mesa

    Howdy Folks, Howdy, from Waller County TX

    Welcome from Mesa, Az.
  4. tom mesa

    NMLRA members

    I'm a member of both NRA and NMLRA.
  5. tom mesa

    New member

    Welcome from Mesa, Az
  6. tom mesa

    Hello from Suffolk UK

    Welcome from Mesa, Az
  7. tom mesa

    Hi new to site.

    Welcome from Mesa, Az
  8. tom mesa

    New Member From Wisconsin

    Welcome from Mesa, Az .
  9. tom mesa

    Hello from COLA South Carolina

    Welcome from Mesa, Az
  10. tom mesa

    Alina here, from Folk Firearms Collective

    Welcome from Mesa, Az.
  11. tom mesa

    New Guy

    Welcome from Mesa, Az.
  12. tom mesa

    My first flintlock

    Happy Birthday and welcome to the forum. Tom from Mesa, Az.
  13. tom mesa

    Hello from Istanbul

    Welcome from Mesa, Az, USA.
  14. tom mesa


    Welcome from Mesa, Az. Former St Charles resident.
  15. tom mesa

    Hello everyone

    Welcome from Mesa, Az.
  16. tom mesa

    Hello from the Mojave

    Welcome from Mesa, Az
  17. tom mesa

    Starting load for .50CAL GPR 1 IN 24 TWIST.

    Thanks , I will do as you suggested. I wasn't sure round balls would work well in the 24 -1 twist . I have 2,3 and 4 f powder so I should be able to work out something. Thanks again for your reply.
  18. tom mesa

    Starting load for .50CAL GPR 1 IN 24 TWIST.

    I need your good advise for a place to start getting this rifle up and running. The rifle in question is shown with my trusty old .54 cal CVA BIG BORE . THE LEAD I'll be using is shown in the other photo. Any help is appreciated.
  19. tom mesa

    Different way to display European mount.

    This is actually a worn out disc from her farm. I could hardly believe it from across the room. Wish I had her ability to make plain stuffi nto art. 6th
  20. tom mesa

    New member from Kansas

    Welcome from Mesa, Az.