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    Interesting Video on Gun Building

    I don't believe that it's the same Wallace Gussler that passed in April.
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    Trade gun vent position

    Rich - no they don’t seem to… Kevin
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    rear site

    No. I assume you mean Rocky Mountain fur trade. The answer is still no. The adjustable rear sights are a newer invention. Every sight that I have seen on a period gun has a fixed rear sight. Also, most shooting matches specify fixed sights. you really don't need adjustable sights. Work up...
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    Help with lock replacement

    You need to thin the frizzen spring - it's way too thick. You should be able to file it. If a file won't cut it then it's also too hard. When you open the frizzen all the way, any length of spring that is past where the toe of the frizzen touches the spring can be/should be cut off. It...
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    Craziest barrel I've ever seen...

    Becky locks are no longer available from any of the suppliers. Your only chance is finding someone’s who still has one and wants to sell. Haven’t been made in some years. Parts are also almost nonexistent. Kevin
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    Frizzen Tempering?

    Grimord - Mapp gas or more correctly Mapp Gas Pro is readily available at hardware stores and places like Home Depot and Lowes. It's in a yellow cylinder and comes as a kit with a nozzle/tip and not very expensive. Follow the advice given by Vaino, Rich Pierce and Dave Person and you'll be...
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    Anyone have a connection with Rice Barrels?

    Spoke to Jason face to face today at the Gunmakers Fair. So I know he’s still alive. I know they only work until 2PM. Keep trying.
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    MBS patchbox kit

    If you struggle with the hinge binding and you are making it from scratch as opposed to buying a pre-made one, follow the advise of Gary Brumfield. Bend the hinge before cutting the knuckles. When you cut the knuckles, make your cuts 90 deg. to the stock - not 90 deg to the patchbox. See the...
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    Can't Remove Breech Plug!

    The best way to hold on to a barrel in a vise is with these from Rice Barrel Co. They are only $40. Kevin
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    perc. lock for pistols

    The “Becky” lock is out of production. If you find one be advised that there are no parts available. I would pick a suitable Siler. Although I like the L&R styles that are available, their quality control isn’t very good. good luck Kevin
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    Allen Box Lock Action

    Be aware that Pete Allen is no longer making these. If they have one in stock, I'd ask what spare parts they have available. I just went through that with a frizzen spring. Kevin
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    I have exhausted what I know....

    The timing on this subject was perfect. I needed to make a new frizzen spring for a Becky lock as none are available. No forge so I bought some1075 .250" thick and ground and filed it to shape. After bending the "V" the wrong direction twice :oops: I finally bent it the right way. Heated the...
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    Aqua Fortis / Bone Black

    Jim Kibler has a zillion videos on building and finishing his kits on You Tube. He goes over using bone black, aqua fortis and tannic acid. In his videos he uses Tried and True Oil Varnish. Kevin
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    Inletting Black

    Lately I’ve been using either lipstick, Sharpie marker or lamp black. If you use lipstick or inletting black, use VERY little.
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    Building a Maryland Rifle

    Bill, Nice videos. But I do have a question. Since the web between the barrel and ramrod was thick enough to fit the front lock bolt, why did you drill the lock so high that you had to groove the barrel? Just trying to learn. Thanks
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    A lil embarrassed to admit but I'm struggling to inlet a Kibler Colonial kit

    Hawkeye - He can't turn it end for end - the barrel is swamped. Kevin
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    Pedersoli or TOTW Kentucky pistol kit?

    Check out American Pistol Kit . The kit is under $600 and should be head and shoulders above either of the ones you're looking at. Clay also has a video - I know it's not in .45, but seems like a super deal. Kevin
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    Converting a Kibler SMR kit to percussion

    Neither one of Kibler’s kits came with a Chambers flintlock that was also available in percussion. The round faced lock and the late Ketland are only available as flintlocks. Kevin
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    Converting a Kibler SMR kit to percussion

    You’re going to have to come up with a proper hammer also. One more thing - depending on the barrel diameter and caliber, there may not be enough barrel wall to support a drum. I would sell it and buy or build a proper percussion rifle. good luck Kevin
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    Wood Butt Plate

    So... Regardless of stock "tenderness" or your experiences, historically in this country rifles, fowlers etc., other than some schimmels (barn guns) or Appalachian "poor boys" have been built with butt plates. Since it's your gun and you're not trying to re-create anything historical do what...