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  1. Polecat_Tom

    First Flintlock Rifle

    I believe you will enjoy your SMR for years to come. Beware, flintlocks are very addictive.
  2. Polecat_Tom

    FOR SALE Split Bag

    Thank you for the compliment. You are too kind.
  3. Polecat_Tom

    FOR SALE Split Bag This link will take you to a site that talks about them. It is a bag that is hung over your belt and you can carry items in both ends. Basically two pockets in one bag.
  4. Polecat_Tom

    FOR SALE Split Bag

    For your consideration. Split Bag made from chrome tanned deer. Saddle stitched by hand with artificial sinew. Seed beads are size 10 - Chalk White, Cranberry, and Pony Trader Blue. Beadwork is a combination of lazy stitch and applique with waxed nylon beading thread. Bag size is ~5-1/4” wide...
  5. Polecat_Tom

    Buffalo Skull

    Many things have not changed, look at what is going on in the world today. We are still killing Mother Earth and what she provided.
  6. Polecat_Tom

    FOR SALE Pair of Dolls - price reduction

    Price reduction, $400, price includes shipping.
  7. Polecat_Tom

    FOR SALE Now, $100, Tobacco Bag #2

    Price reduction, $100, price includes shipping.
  8. Polecat_Tom

    Howdy Forum, from the wilds of Oregon

    Welcome from the Oregon Coast
  9. Polecat_Tom

    FOR SALE Price reduction $90 - Niagara Floral Style Beaded Belt Bag

    D. my Mother always told me I could be a bad influence.
  10. Polecat_Tom

    Arts and Crafts Time

    Tastefully done.
  11. Polecat_Tom

    Hello from the PNW and back to black powder

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest
  12. Polecat_Tom

    Those California Rifles, Again

    You are a wealth of information. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Polecat_Tom

    Buffalo Skull

    When they built the new Denver International Airport there was talk about having bison fenced outside the runways thinking people would enjoy seeing them during takeoff and landing. It didn't take long for someone to ask what would happen if they got out and onto the runway.
  14. Polecat_Tom

    Buffalo Skull

    When I lived in Colorado, a friend of mine helped out at a bison ranch. He would get called out often to help get them back in the pasture. They had pipe fence posts planted deep into the ground and cable for the fence. His comment was if they wanted on the other side that nothing would stop...
  15. Polecat_Tom

    Cold steel pipe hawk

    Nicely done
  16. Polecat_Tom

    First knife build

    Thank you for the information on the JB Weld. I will try that on my next knife build.
  17. Polecat_Tom

    Hawken Rifles, What's All The Hoopla?!

    Montana, please keep us posted on your restoration project.
  18. Polecat_Tom

    It is now.....

    Now it is gorgeous.