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  1. SciAggie

    Is it uncool to use Pyrodex?

    When I was shooting BPCR silhouettes seriously I did a great deal of load development. I tried Pyrodex and found the velocity standard deviation to be greater than with regular BP. So - I used regular BP as it was more accurate. In my experience BP performs better in my muzzleloaders as well...
  2. SciAggie

    WANTED Hawksley Style Powder Flask

    I am in search of a serviceable, original powder flask with a Hawksley style spout adjustable in drams of powder. I would be happy with a Dixon & Sons, Hawksley, or other flask by an original maker. I am looking for a flask to use, not display. I picked up a reproduction recently and the...
  3. SciAggie

    The Snipe

    Beautiful gun and accoutrememts. I hope to find a nice original single barrel shotgun one day.
  4. SciAggie

    A little different ROA

    That's really cool.
  5. SciAggie

    FOR SALE Powder horn $150

    Years ago my wife and I decided to use and enjoy the nice things we have. Too many folks “save” the fine china for “special” occasions. We decided a dinner can be special any time - so we use it. I carry that beautiful horn you made and use it. We still care for things, but if something gets...
  6. SciAggie

    FOR SALE Powder horn $150

    That’s awesome. Looks great with the bag.
  7. SciAggie

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I went out and patterned 8 different powder/wad combinations in my shotgun. I brought the targets home. Homework is counting all the holes… I’ll report when the tedium is concluded.
  8. SciAggie

    Shotgun Wad Management

    Do you have a pic? I googled with mixed results. Is this what you are referencing?
  9. SciAggie

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    What’s the thread where folks have pics from their game cameraS? I can’t find it…
  10. SciAggie

    The did you ever thread......

    This thread is a jinks. Just YESTERDAY I drove out to the ranch and took the Polaris SxS. I wanted to go check a place I have been baiting for hogs and add some corn. I dropped the gate to the trailer, took all the tie-down straps off, climbed into the seat of the SxS and reached for the...
  11. SciAggie

    Shotgun Wad Management

    What's the wooden gizmo with the brass end that is in the metal tin? It's the thing sitting on the thin card wads.
  12. SciAggie

    Rws 1075 caps

    I have never had this issue with RWS 1075s.
  13. SciAggie

    Shotgun Wad Management

    Thank you. Just last night I ran across this YouTube video by capandball that demonstrated the same loading. His patterns improved dramatically. Gary
  14. SciAggie

    Hunting in the rain

    I hope this question isn't too much thread drift: If you hunt in the rain with a gun that has the stock pinned to the barrel, what concerns do you have about moisture under the barrel after hunting in the rain? How do you manage drying that out to discourage rust or other issues?
  15. SciAggie

    Powder Flask for Shotguns

    Unfortunately I don't have an oportunity to visit many gun shows. Good ones are a significant distance away from where I live. Dumping a preset charge into a small cup is no great inconvenience - I had never seen those until Feltwad posted that picture.
  16. SciAggie

    Shotgun Wad Management

    That's clever. Thanks.
  17. SciAggie

    Powder Flask for Shotguns

    Thank you - that is very helpful.
  18. SciAggie

    Shotgun Wad Management

    Thank you!
  19. SciAggie

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    When either me or my wife find something we have been looking for, we yell “TREASURE!”.
  20. SciAggie

    Powder Flask for Shotguns

    @BoomStick Thanks. Yes, Henry Krank has good stuff - I tried to order from him once before and he wouldn’t ship to the US.