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    Museum of the Fur Trade photos

    I always wanted to go there and check it out when we go to Oklahoma to visit the kids. Now I'll put it on a must see on our next trip. Thank you for sharing.
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    Buffalo Skull

    It is pricey but well worth the money.
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    Kempton Gunmaker's Fair; Who's Going?

    I'll be there first thing Friday morning to check it out then I must head up to State College area for a get together.
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    Dixon Gunmakers Fair, Kempton, Pa.

    I was at Dietrich's a few days ago. Love that place. I hope to meet some of you folks at Kempton.
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    Brown Bess Saved My Life

    Your in our prayers.
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    where are you ...

    I live in Pa. LOL
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    where are you ...

    I'm just outside of Milford,Pa in Pike County. It's where Ny, Pa and Nj come together
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    Raccoon baculum bone

    When I was a kid there was an oldtimer named Bill Roberts and he always had one in his lunch box to use. When he was younger he worked in the CCC camps. Thank you for the memories.
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    Kibler .58 smooth

    I have a .54 cal that I bought from a gentleman on this forum a couple of years ago and I love it for turkeys. 25 yards is the max for mine but 20 yards is perfect. I use 65gr 2F and 3/4 to 7/8oz of #6.
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    18th Century Artisan Show, Lewisburg, PA

    Question for any of you folks that live near Lewisburg. I heard the weather is going to turn mixed/snow. Can you give us an update on the forcast? Thank you.
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    18th Century Artisan Show, Lewisburg, PA

    I'll be there on Friday. Plus I'll have one last meal at Country Cupboard. I'm going to miss the chow there.
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    Muzzleloading Forum 2022 Survey

    I just submitted mine. I like the way things are.
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    PA Flintlock season December 27, 2021

    Nice buck. Congrats. I'm heading out now for the afternoon but jeepers it's awfully foggy here.
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    PA flintlock season?

    Your NR License will cost you $101.97 and the NR Muzzleloader will cost you $21.97 Once you hit Pa on I-84 west get off the first exit which is the Matamoras exit. Hang left go about 2-3 miles and CumminsHill Road will be on your right. It goes under I-84 and go up 4 1/2 miles and you'll hit...
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    Brown Bess Long Gun on Pawn Stars

    From the 1760's guys asking $7500.00 The expert came in and shot it. That was so cool! Chum said so is it worth $7500? The expert said yes but it's worth $20,000! The guy sold it to Chum for $14,000.