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  1. SciAggie

    WANTED Hawksley Style Powder Flask

    I am in search of a serviceable, original powder flask with a Hawksley style spout adjustable in drams of powder. I would be happy with a Dixon & Sons, Hawksley, or other flask by an original maker. I am looking for a flask to use, not display. I picked up a reproduction recently and the...
  2. SciAggie

    Shotgun Wad Management

    I just have a bunch of questions today. Ok - how do y'all manage your wads when you are out hunting? I'm particularly wondering about the heavy cushion wads. I found the Skychief load to pattern particularly well in my smoothbore. For that load the cushion wads need to be heavily lubed. Lube =...
  3. SciAggie

    Powder Flask for Shotguns

    What are these spouts called that drop powder charges for shotguns? This would be more convenient than going from flask to measure to barrel. I'm only talking about the spout specifically - although I'd like to know where to find a flask with that kind of spout. This seems to me like ot would be...
  4. SciAggie

    What does NOS mean?

    I see the acronym NOS in the for sale section from time to time. I'm ignorant - what does it mean?
  5. SciAggie

    Source for bulk lead shot and bismuth shot

    Can someone save me a ton of time searching and recommend a source to buy bulk lead and/or bismuth shot?
  6. SciAggie

    Brady Match

    When is the fall match in Brady? Any Texas folks on the forum planning to attend?
  7. SciAggie

    Draw Filing

    I'm throwing this question out there because there are a number of very experienced builders here on the forum. I have a "drop in" Rice barrel I'm fitting into a TC Hawken stock. I need to do a small bit of draw filing to make it fit better. Then I will need to simply draw file and prepare the...
  8. SciAggie

    Sight moving tool

    Someone here has mentioned a tool that will move a sight in/out of the dovetail without hammering on it with a punch. Can anyone tell me what the device is called and where to find one?
  9. SciAggie

    WANTED Lyman .530 RB Mold

    I need a round ball mold for my 54 caliber Hawken. I’d like to buy a Lyman single cavity mold throwing a .530 ball.
  10. SciAggie

    Track Soup

    Went out early this morning and watched a water hole. With the drought animals are concentrating at water. I was hoping to catch another hog. Instead I got to shoot at a coyote. Don’t you hate it when you know it was the loose nut behind the trigger that messed up? I know the gun is accurate...
  11. SciAggie

    CLOSED TC Hawken hammer

    I’m looking for an old style hammer for a TC Hawken. This is the one with the tall hammer spur.
  12. SciAggie

    Down the Fast Twist Rabbit Hole

    I'm finally putting together a fast twist bullet rifle. I shot BPC rifles for years at silhouettes and some long range. I always wanted a ML that would emulate that performance - I just thought it would be cool. I'm also only really interested in shooting out to 200 meters. I primarily want it...
  13. SciAggie

    Turkey Foot Trading Company and Forge

    I bought several items from these folks. A forged squirrel cooker, turnscrew, fire steel, and an 18th century fishing kit. I was very impressed with the quality of all the items. I would highly recommend them.
  14. SciAggie

    Rifeleman's Knife

    Received a rifleman's knife I ordered from @tallpine . He was wonderful to work with and makes a beautiful knife. Pictured are two he has made for me.
  15. SciAggie

    Marbles Improved Tang Sight

    Has anyone ever installed a Marbles Improved tang sight on a TC Hawken? Would you know what model number to choose? I have a Lyman micrometer peep, but would prefer the look of a folding peep. I'd also like the option of using the barrel sights.
  16. SciAggie

    CLOSED TC Hawken Under Rib

    Does anyone have/know where to find an under rib and rod ferrules for a 45 caliber TC Hawken?
  17. SciAggie

    F&I Era Bullet Pouch

    For the first time the search function has not been too helpful. I’m trying to find out what a period correct shooting/bullet bag would have looked like during the French and Indian War time period. Do you have any images or a description to share?
  18. SciAggie

    Summer Hog

    We are in the midst of a significant drought in Central Texas. On our place we have good grass, even though it is dry. It’s water that is getter more precious. Here all of our water is either in the creeks or in dirt stock tanks. Those tanks that are shallow are already dry. The good water holes...
  19. SciAggie

    CLOSED Flat Day Horn

    I’m looking for a small, flat horn that I can put in my bag or pocket when just out hunting for the day. Something around 7”-8” or so. Anyone have a nice little horn they could part with?
  20. SciAggie

    Net Game Bag

    A while back I saw a really nice shooting bag with a net game bag attached. It was made by Hawkeye Hugo. He was gracious enough to make a net bag that I could attach to my own shooting bag. I think it turned out great.