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    Brown Bess Long Gun on Pawn Stars

    From the 1760's guys asking $7500.00 The expert came in and shot it. That was so cool! Chum said so is it worth $7500? The expert said yes but it's worth $20,000! The guy sold it to Chum for $14,000.
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    I finally got him

    Been chasing this guy for 3 years. The red gods were smiling down on me. I got him with my 28 gauge (.54 caliber) that I bought here last year from a member. He weighed 19.6 pounds. Double beard. Longest one us 8 1/2inches and the shorter one is 7 3/4 inches.
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    Help with a rifle/maker

    I'm looking for some info on a .45 percussion. Barrels are 33 3/4 inches PERCUSSION LONG RIFLE MADE BY; HARDER - LOCKHAVEN, PA - TIGER MAPLE STOCK - ALSO MARKED MOORE ON LOCK PLATE - DOUBLE BARREL .45 CAL The other rifle is signed by Everson on the barrel and the barrel is 37 inches long...
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    18th century artisian show My wife and I are going on Saturday the first. Anybody on here going?