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    Prairie oyster

    Let's leave OUT the grits if you don't mind please. Brain cells don't get replaced easily as one ages... and feeding them to children should be a crime. Just look at the South!
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    Bronze Gonne

    Earl, I have one of the Tannenberg exact replica guns in bronze and the overbuilt brass version from Rifle Shoppe longer than half the posters here have been alive I think. Were I you I'd settle for the latter if and when it's available. However... I am glad Rocklock chimed in. I have one of...
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    Lets Talk About Poldark on PBS

    Well, he IS very silly, sometimes, sorta -- the show is anyway. But Black Adder didn't register on "mum's" radar. I have a rather older sister who was a big fan early on though, and my interest in period history made these required watching after, many I presume anyway, they were first aired...
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    Lets Talk About Poldark on PBS

    "In the very first episode, Edmund proclaims himself "the Black Adder", implying that he's first in the dynasty. If that's the case, why is Robin Hood (who was around long before the Wars of the Roses) familiar with a Lord Blackadder in Blackadder Goes Back and Forth? There's also the Roman...
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    Lets Talk About Poldark on PBS

    I have it and will make sure we watch it. As for Black Adder being Blackadder, that depends... The first series was Black Adder -- the protagonist, or antagonist, but the main character for sure NAMED himself "The Black Adder." Although he had no children that I know of somehow the Blackadder...
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    Pipe and tobacco

    Tenn; The ZipLoc is to keep it together and from drying out, both. Wet stuff also mildews. The old trick is to put a slice of apple in your pouch by the way...
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    SAR/DAR Members?

    I had one girlfriend who was constantly asked to join and wanted nothing to do with the stuck up blue-haired old biddies and a girl friend who WANTED to join like mad but they were giving her a hard time because they suspected her ancestor took the Loyalty Oath. I served in a military unit that...
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    Lets Talk About Poldark on PBS

    If there were any conceiving to be done it'd be rated X and I'd be right there. As it is it is Upstairs Downstairs meets Dallas in the 18th C. without any of the action of the Sharpe series, another of mom's favorites that I grew to like only AFTER getting nothing but references to it from...
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    Pipe and tobacco

    Oh, the tobacco I carry is in the deer-suede tobacco pouch that hides a ZipLock snack-bag which just gets replaced when I put my next tobacco in.
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    Pipe and tobacco

    These are in date order from bottom to top getting us into the top of the 18th C. from the bottom of the 16th I "living history." I tend to wrap something around them and stuff them into my tin cup in my haversack -- the cups get a ding here and there once in a while but the pipes are saved...
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    Lets Talk About Poldark on PBS

    My mother watched Poldark religiously when it first was aired on PBS when I was a kid. Recently I passed up on the video collection of the series. Even as a tike, or maybe because I was so young, I just remember it being an evening period-piece romantic soap opera. Know what? That's still...
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    I dunno Tenn, it all sounded SO tasteful until that (and the nonsense about starving Ethiopians of course).
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    Earl Kathan?

    Yes, for the time being he is seeking a more routine routine but has survived the biggest battle of his life. Nice to know some of us helped too. I don't mind telling everyone now that just before Earl was diagnosed I was at his house and actually bought his matchlock, the one he made for...
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    How many guns?

    Fewer than I.
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    Ramrod is a poor projectile

    There is such a thing as a ram rod puller which might help. I would have suggested shooting it out with a sprinkle of powder... before you poured Kroil onto the breech.
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    chicken livers

    Well Kansas, ya see, there IS a right and a wrong. Good and bad. Love and hate. Light and darkness. Up and down. North and South. Ready? Now watch for it... Pancakes coated in butter with warm maple syrup dripping off of them onto strips of crisp bacon, and then there's grits. Get it now!?
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    chicken livers

    I know Wes, but a little ketchup does have a place and it's SO good here. Screw John D-student Kerry and his liberal Heinz-fortune wife, but her forbears created some good stuff for that meal right there. That'd have to be BEFORE they ate grits by the way.
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    chicken livers

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    chicken livers

    Damn but you people are heathens. No, gizzards are indeed on par with grits -- they are (s)crap for four-legged animals and unloved children. Chicken liver I can do. With lotsa mayo and sweet grilled onion was how Mom did it. But then a coupla plastic containers of them rolled into the...
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    cinnamon and nutmeg

    That'd probably be Mt. Washington u r referring to -- 6,000+ feet. Scary road up it. Cog Railroad. Tough hiking trails too. Has alpine weather swings. Been. But I'm not from nor in New England. And actually never ate lobster... nor Chicken Chow. ; )