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    thoughts from you guys?

    squirrel season started Sat. have got 7 so far. Everyone so far has been a large mature male and really havnt been seeing that many squirrels in total, have harvested most of the one.s i have seen. Where are the females? my thoughts are they are in dens with litters, but seems really late in...
  2. K

    effective range

    i know effective range is based on loading, choke, and shot size. that being said, on a standard heavy load, what is expected effective range. i never had a blk powder shotgun, looking for a 12 ga to work with for crow hunting. thanks
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    beeswax and olive oil lube,

    what mix do you guys use and experience. im looking to try this very soon, thanks
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    3f and 58s

    Any of you guys using 3f in a 58 and what amount of powder?
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    .36 flyers

    i have a .36 cal colrain barrel a under hammer. i have 125 shots thru it and have tried may different loads. i realize there is a bit of a break in period on a barrel. i still am gettin bad flyers, 1 to 2 in, outside of a 1 to 1.25 in grp shot at 25 yds. the patches i find look good...
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    nipple replacement

    ok guys, im sure there is no 1 size fits all answer to this question. how many shots can be expected from a nipple. what is the best indicator that it is used up. i currently have 100 shots thru the the first nipple used on my gun. its a .36 cal underhammer that i built. powder charges...
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    i think i have an odd barrel. colerain .36 cal barrel on an underhammer i built. it shoots better the more fouled it gets. load. .350 swaged ball, .018 patch, 20 gr 3f. first 4 shots were round grp 2in in size at 25 yds. they got smaller from there. after 20 shots. last 5 went in a 1/2 in...
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    aluminum or steel ball mold, which is best and why??
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    looking for shooting bag

    looking for a shooting bag for my new gun. looked at totw, traditions, the possible shop. is there any good sources im missing to look at.
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    green mtn vs colerain barrels, is one better

    looking for information as to if one of those makers barrels in better then the other. Thanks
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    Pecatonica Underhammer

    Pecatonica, has anyone built a underhammer kit from this company, was looking at purchasing one.