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    The Conqueror (Taras Bulba)

    This 16th C. period piece is NEITHER the 1956 John-Wayne-as-Gengus-Khan... ...or 1962 Tony Curtis/Yul Brynner flick. Lordy how I hate the "golden age of Hollywood" carp. THIS 1999 Russian-made...
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    The Deluge (Potop)

    So far I have 2-1/2 hrs. invested in the first disc of this film. 17th C. intrigue focused on the minor nobles fighting internally and in the Polish-Swedish War are the backdrop and sometimes the foreground. Brutality against peasants, love, and political chicanery are more prevalent than...
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    Another cool period-piece is 1612. This movie is a 2007 Russian historical fantasy film about the 17th century Time of Troubles and the Polish”“Muscovite War with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After the brutal slaughter of Tsar Boris Godunov and his family, Russia descends into chaos...
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    Tac went to see Captain Alatriste: The Spanish Musketeer, or just Alatriste, in Spain which you Gringos won't have seen. Made in '06 it stars Vigo Mortensen who speaks in Spanish along with everyone else in the film that was only screened here in the U.S. 16th C. guns and sharp pointy things...
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    New Mora Knife

    It's that time of year and my own rut had me eyeing a new woods knife. It's one that can also adorn most belts for historic reenactments. It's the new Morakniv Exclusive Forest 277, handmade in Sweden. With a 4" long, 1/9th" thick, laminated carbon steel razor sharp scandi-ground blade and...
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    When to Use FFg vs. FFFg

    As though there were a serious question no less a controversy, here's what the manufacturers say on their websites... Goex FFg (or 2Fg): Muskets, Shotgun, Rifles 50 caliber and up, Cartridge, and large bore Pistols FFFg (or 3Fg): Rifles 50 caliber and smaller, Pistols and Revolvers...
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    Becoming Lactose Intolerant?

    I'm not even sure what it actually means but does one "become" lactose intolerant? I like cold cereal and once every year or so I get some. I'd noticed in the past it started not to agree with me I presume from the (2%) milk and the gas I got from it today... Well, let's just say that the...
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    Mid 1500's -- Now What Gun Would Your Choose?

    It's a tumultuous 1550 and the "King" of England isn't even a teenager yet. The Regency Council has made you personally responsible to arm "His Majesty's" troops billeted at London. What gun would you choose for them?
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    Talk? Arrr, SHOOT Like A Pirate!

    What betterrr way to celarrrbrate Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th me heartys than with arrr new arrrpropropriate pistol, to be surrre. Sleek 1635 to 1650 Dutch/French flintlock as found here in the New World. .50 caliber smoothbore. 14" octagon-to-round barrel, black walnut, armory bright...
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    Satarrrday, Sept. 19th Is Talk Like A Pirate Day!

    Ahoy! Aye, it be time to start practicin', if only fer yer persona, but what arrr ye doin' fer this special day!? Avast, colonial English is often considered to probably have sounded much like what today we think "a pirate" sounds like.
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    Mid 1400's -- NOW What Gun Would You Choose?

    It is 1455. There's finally gonna be an actual battle here in St. Albans (UK), the first of the Wars of the Roses between the Houses of York and Lancaster. You command his armed retainers as favored vassal to your nobleman. What gun would you choose for them!?
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    My Rare Hawken Rifle?

    So, I have this Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Hawken Rifle. It's a maple-stocked gun, and has a 32-5/16" barrel, but I recently realized something... I understand it's a little narrow but .50 is kinda my go-to caliber which, it appears from their main website, Pedersoli only offers in the 30"...
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    Mid 1300's -- What Gun Would You Choose?

    It's the Edwardian phase of what will be a hundred-years war and you're to command a squad of men with hand gonnes at a place called Crecy. If captured by a noble with such a weapon your hands will be cut off and your eyes poked out. But you've been able to train your men relatively quickly...
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    Fluted Army Sings Sweetly

    Anyone else fall for one of these Uberti fluted .44 Colt 1860 Army revolvers? I did. I have originals but unsure if I have any repros and the lines of this version really just sang to me. Yup, guns is art. No expert on this I, though some may have existed, I suppose it's much of a fantasy...
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    Pipe Dreams

    I thought some of you might appreciate the historical retrospective, and might even use it for your own hobby...
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    Destructive Testing of Armor With Early Arms

    I'm betting no-one here has seen this and that everyone here will love it. Magyar said... Now this will be fun for sure. A fellow shooter is a member in a reenactor group. They are reenacting the mounted tactics of the Hun-Avar warriors of the 5th-6th century. They are focusing on recreating...
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    Early 1700's -- What Gun Would You Choose?

    It's May, 1702. Long live Queen Anne who now sits on the throne back home and who has declared war on the French. With their brutal native allies they have been attacking the colonies for a year already over the dispute of Spanish Succession. From The Caribbean to New France the conflict...
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    Mid-1600's -- What Gun Would You Choose?

    Lord Protector Cromwell rules the roost following the English Civil War. Now it's time for a new model of army -- what gun will you equip it with?
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    Mid 1200's -- What Gun Would You Choose?

    It's 1264 and you are a rebellious minor noble standing up to King Henry III with the 6th Earl of Leicester (Lester) at the Battle of Lewes. What gun would you have armed your entourage with? Come down, come down, thou wicked miller!
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    Dragoon Up The Past

    Remember my 12" barreled .62 1739 Brit Heavy Dragoon? Here's his baby brother, Light Dragoon... Born in 1742 and weighing 2-lbs. 3 oz. this piece is also an exact copy of an original with a 9-3/4" .58 barrel in a walnut stock with brass furniture. All custom and ready for King...