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    Sounds like a scam, please advise

    I have used musket caps on my double 50. Just buy the musket nipples with a 1/4-28 thread. TOTW use to sell them.
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    Lubing patches with mink oil ?

    Sorry, I got the wrong person....oops!
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    Lubing patches with mink oil ?

    Historical Armsmaker, What brand Mink oil are you using from Walmart?
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    Lubing patches with mink oil ?

    What brand are you using?
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    My new folding patch knife

    Very nice design and workmanship.
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    Allen Box Lock Action

    But is it in stock?
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    What does a longer barrel add to a rifle's ability that a shorter one gives up ?

    Simple answer is that it gets you closer to the target!
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    English Rifle

    Did you taper it to fit straight or just bend it?
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    English Rifle

    Very nice rifle, can you tell us how that you fit the under rib? I have a Jaeger barrel that I was hoping to use on a halfstock.
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    Hopkin & Allen Underhammers

    So darn simple!
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    Gun Stock Wax?

    I made a Satin stock that was a little flat looking. I used Watco Satin Wax over it. The light shine made the finish "pop". [Natural] color.
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    Converting a Kibler SMR kit to percussion

    Have we talked to Jim to see when he will be making one?
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    TOW Barrel Mounted Peep Sights

    Here are some good ideas:
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    .72 Caliber Jeager with vids.

    andy52, If you are able to kneel at your shooting bench, it will keep you back straight and let you rock with the recoil. Also, a bag of shot, kitty litter, or a pc of foam board is your friend at the shooting bench. Great Rifle!
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    .72 caliber rifle.

    Also try finding a patch and ball combo for shooting harder scrap lead. And try tapered paper cartridges with hardened balls, cheap shooting. [fast reloads]
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    .72 caliber rifle.

    I can lend you the tools to do it if you would like?
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    .72 caliber rifle.

    Last time, a radius is better than a sharp edge on any style rifling.
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    .72 caliber rifle.

    Love these big bore guns! First thing needed is to round the sharp edge of the taper to bore on the muzzle. and get the right ball and patch combination. A .72 can be from .715 to .730 in bore size. In my .73, I shoot a mild load of 125FF and a .725RB.
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    8 shots a minute Should be able to do the same with a flintlock.