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    WANTED Antler Crown for Knife
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    Source for unwaxed lenin thread.
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    CLOSED Leather Straps Wanted
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    Stitch holes in tanned hide

    Sew them up before you soften the hide.
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    How to barn tan leather?
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    Cutting rawhide lace

    This video seems to explain it fairly well.
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    Cutting rawhide lace
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    bone and horn pegs for St Louis horn.

    You might be able to modify guitar bridge pins. Guitar Bridge Pins | Sweetwater
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    Sargent York - 1941
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    Buffalo Skull
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    What to Read during Social Isolation?

    A. B. Guthries The Big Sky, The Way West, and Fair land Fair Land. Elmer Kelton has several westerns including early days in Texas.
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    WANTED Men's early 1900's fishtail trousers with suspenders.
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    Pre 1840 fiddle tunes
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    Where can I get Moose Antler??