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    New favorite cleaning product

    Generally I never stray from the universal solvent (water) when it comes to cleaning my ML's but after my most recent shooting trip I decided to try something new. The product in question is called "Totally Awesome" and is available in a one gallon jug at the dollar store... For the sum of one...
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    Making a Penny Knife (Tutorial)

    I must first state that my work is noting like that of the fine craftsmen on this forum. I am merely a hack by comparison. I sure wish I had more detailed pictures of the build process, and I wish the pictures I do have would end up in some sort of order, but Photobucket being the fickle beast...
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    "For Beginners Only"-- X.B Ginner

    A good friend of mine sent me this delightful little booklet in the mail. I estimate it to be from the 40s or so. It speaks of reconditioning originals, as the custom guns like we have now, did not exist. Though it is aimed toward beginners, it is full of great info and is a great read.
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    New Smoothbore Owner

    Well... I really stepped in it today. Picked up a fine trade gun. It seems to be of no particular style, though further input regarding that is appreciated and welcome. Looks to favor towards English, but has a flat-topped comb and a Germanic lock. I was unable to source some .62 roundballs, but...
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    Photobucket Problem?

    I have noticed on this, and other sites, that any and all pictures hosted from Photobucket do not work, stating they are linked incorrectly. This appears not only for pictures I posted, but those others have as well. Anybody else having this issue?
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    Gun show score

    Went to a gun show today, and ran across this little orphan. When I flipped the tag over, I was delighted to see a price of $20! I bought it on the spot. I bought a mainspring while there, and took the gun home. I grabbed a wedge key and cylinder off another gun and swapped them on to this one...
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    CE Wood over under double rifle

    Saw an interesting over/under double rifle yesterday, I believe the maker was CE Wood out of New York. It had a double set trigger, two ramrod holes, and was a takedown facilitated by a tapered pin. The gun was in very nice shape, save for some wrist repairs and a broken hammer, the bores were...
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    Ashmore Warranted

    Received this flint lock marked "Ashmore Warranted" on it. English style, and LH, which leads me to believe it to be for a double gun most likely? As luck would have it, I am LH, so it'll make a fine little rifle or pistol. It has never been used. Anyhow, any ideas on the name? I doubt it is...
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    Bedford Co. lock internals?

    Hello all, I received this complete bag of parts for a Bedford flint lock from a friend, and was looking for some pictures of the placement of the internals, as well as any suggestions to help me in building this lock. Thanks in advance! Bag of parts:
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    Pan primer perpetually clogging

    Last shoot I was at, my pan primer stopped up, and usually, I can restore its function by tapping it against my palm or shaking it. This was not so this time. Couldn't get powder to flow for the life of me. It is the plunger style unit. Any ideas on how to prevent these little primers from...
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    Steel tipped ramrods and bore wear

    Greetings all! I recently picked up a new ramrod, having broken my other one in the middle of a shoot, and picked up a rod with a steel tip. It looks nice on my iron mounted gun, but it got me to wondering, will the harder-than-brass tip cause undue wear to my bore? Thanks for the insight.
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    Stocking an original double

    A friend has the parts to an original 20ga percussion double, but it needs to be stocked. He is wanting me to stock it. He is a pretty seasoned builder, but I have not built a double, and to my knowledge, neither has he, though he will be working with me on it. What to look out for, and can...
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    First experience with a Lyman mold

    Finally tried out my NOS Lyman mold I purchased cheap at a gun show. It is a .530". I used a set of Lee handles and heated the lead with a torch in a ladle, held with a small stand. Once the mold warmed up, I was very pleased with the performance. Prior to the use of this mold, the only other...
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    NAA BP revolvers forum appropriate?

    Just wondering if these are appropriate to discuss on the forum, or if their stainless construction renders them too modern for the scope of what we discuss here. They seem like sort of a gray area, though, considering they have a rather traditional ignition system. Thoughts?
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    Boxed Penny Knife

    I have found these to be pretty fun to make. Walnut handle, blade came from a very, very old saw blade (hardened and tempered of course). The box is made of mahogany, lined with black leather. My work may not hold a candle to many of your guy's work, but I have fun with it. Thanks for taking...
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    Got my .40 dialed

    I thought I had it pretty well dialed in, turns out it needed half the front sight turned to powdered metal for this to be true. I was shooting from a rest, 45 grains of GOEX FFFG, .390" rb from a new style lee mold, .016-.017" pillow ticking spit patch, 42/3/16" Colerain barrel. I was not...
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    Original barrel life

    I recently read on the contemporarymakers website that a rifle's bore had to be freshed out after 80-150 shots. This seems like an awfully small number to me. Is this small of a number due to corrosion, extremely soft iron used for barrels, or is it simply inaccurate?
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    L&R lock trouble

    I am having trouble with my L&R Late English flintlock. It is a bit rough on flints, and requires a razor sharp one to get a spark. If the flint is not perfect, it will not spark. Is the frizzen to hard or too soft? Any ideas are welcome and appreciated.
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    I was on my way out of my neighborhood today and I saw a box with foam peanuts nearby. It dawned on me when I reached the mailboxes a half mile down the road. I have a mold and flints coming from track. Was that my box? I look inside the mailbox, and it's empty. I go back to the box, and guess...
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    A few architecture questions

    Hey all, I am hearing up for a new rifle build. It is a TVM Tennessee kit and I have a few questions regarding shaping the stock. First, how is a TN rifle upper forend usually shaped? Is it typically shaped in a V or a U? Is the lower forend usually round, as with the wrist? Also, the areas...